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David T. Hainault: Thanks for the help

On the morning of May 6, I was driving my Honda Gold Wing from Craig to Steamboat on my way to work when I was torpedoed by a doe just west of Milner.

My right calf was shattered, but I managed to get the bike off the road and stopped before the bike leaned to the right and I couldn’t hold it. I was talking to my best friend, Grace Lux, on a cell phone at the time. She called 911, and the ambulance crew was en route before the bike was off the road.

Suddenly, I was surrounded by concerned motorists who stopped to help in any way they could, from the emergency medical technician who checked me from top to bottom, to the others who made sure that I was as comfortable as possible, and that an ambulance was indeed on the way. I was aware that many voices were attending to me, but I remember no faces or names.

Before I knew it, I was in the emergency room being X-rayed and prepped for the operating room.

Four weeks later, I am mending well. I’ve got enough hardware in my leg to set off any security device; I’ll never get through another airport without proper identification. The bike will be repaired, and we both will be back on the road sometime relatively soon.

I wish to publicly express my deep gratitude to all of you who stopped to help me that morning and to the others who called 911 as they passed the scene. Also, to those who have offered countless prayers on my behalf since the accident and all those who have wished me well, I wish to thank you and pray that God may bless you, too!

Later this summer, when I’m back on the bike, enjoying the trip between Craig and Steamboat, please give me sign that you were there with me that day (honk or flash your lights) so I might acknowledge you as another friend on my highway of life.

Again, thank you all so very much.

David T. Hainault