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David M. Goldberg: Nonpartisan, really?

David M. Goldberg

Steven Hofman's recent letter ("On enrichment," Feb. 2 Steamboat Today) claims that the Steamboat Institute is a nonpartisan organization. A perusal of the Steamboat Institute's website would dispel that myth rather quickly. Virtually all the invited conference speakers are either directly connected to the Republican Party or serve on organizations that support the party's agenda. For example: the 2010 Institute's conference featured, among others, Karl Rove, Tony Blankley, Sharon Angle and Grover Norquist. An upcoming Steamboat Institute event this month features Ann Coulter. I see no speakers who are Democrats or even independents. I am familiar with local Democrats, and to my knowledge, none attended the conferences or belong to the Institute. The Institute appears to be about as nonpartisan as Mitt Romney's super PAC.

Mr. Hofman goes on to equate Paul Krugman with Ann Coulter and claims that Krugman, a Nobel laureate in economics, would employ the same language that Ms. Coulter employs. In the past, Ms. Coulter has called the ACLU "a bunch of Nazis" and Democrats "atheists who don't love America and who are responsible for 9/11." I have perused Dr. Krugman's writings and can find no such scurrilous references to Republicans or conservatives.

David M. Goldberg

Steamboat Springs

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