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David Ihde: Response to ‘DC is disconnected’

David Ihde, Steamboat Springs

— I would like to respond to the letter written by Ken Collins in the Steamboat Pilot & Today ("D.C. disconnected," Dec. 5, 2010).

I feel your pain, Ken, about the frustration you must feel about majority rule and democracy. But the United States never has been, never was intended to be and hopefully never will be a democracy. We are a constitutional republic, which is the rule of law. A democracy is the rule of man. Democracy is nothing more than tyranny by 50 percent of the voting public plus one. So thank your lucky stars that our forefathers had the wisdom to give us our Constitution and the republican form of government that it guarantees.

In addition, while the filibuster is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, it does read that each chamber of Congress can set its own rules. Therefore it is constitutional.

Being you are so concerned about the Constitution, show me where in the Constitution it says the federal government can take over health care? My health care is none of the federal government's business and therefore I am glad Republicans are trying to throw it out. A 100-plus year effort to take it over should rouse everyone's suspicion, especially free-minded Americans.

Your claim the Republicans are holding up votes about the economy is a joke. The Democrats had two years to focus on that and with the unfortunate exception of the "stimulus" package — which the Republicans helped pass — they did everything but focus on the economy. So now you complain that the Republicans want him to be a one-term president? Well, so do I and a lot of other Americans.

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