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David Ihde: Check your facts

David Ihde

Editor's note: This letter is in response to the letter "Wolf in sheep's skin" written by Jack Gutschenritter in Friday's Steamboat Today.

Jack, you obviously did not listen with an open mind or you would have realized three of the Patriot Channel's hosts — Mike Church, Glenn Beck and Andrew Wilkow — are Libertarians, not Republicans. And they would destroy anyone on the left in a debate about the truth. Indeed, all of them have challenged left-leaning thinkers like Rachel Maddow to debates and have been declined. Why, if they are such purveyors of the truth? You also offer no evidence of any lying or distortions by these hosts whatsoever. Those fact-check websites you refer to are not very reliable as I have debunked them many times myself, like the phony budget cuts Democrats and Republicans are offering and Obamacare is going to reduce the deficit. Or what you offered up with Romney's attack ad on welfare. President Barack Obama did remove the work requirement and left it to the states. That may be good or bad, but that does not make it a lie. And where did Obama get the power to do this? That may be the larger and more important question. Blocking votes in Congress is not a lie but a legitimate function of the institution. Since when are the Republicans suppose to rubber stamp what Obama and the Democrats want? Obama had two years of complete control of all three branches and stuffed legislation like Obamacare down our throats against the will of the people. He lost the 2010 elections in a landslide because of it, and as Obama has said, elections have consequences. And what have Harry Reid and the Democrats been doing in the Senate other than blocking legislation passed by those same Republicans in the House? Maybe before you say all callers to the show are not very intelligent, you should study our system of government, which includes checks and balances. That is how our system of government works. Maybe these bills deserved to be blocked on both sides. More than likely, that is the case and why our founders created the system they did. If you don't like the Patriot Channel, then move up two spots to the Democratic shill station and listen to the real distorter of the truth, Ed Schultz. I know, I have been on his show.

David Ihde

Steamboat Springs

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