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David Ihde: Americans don’t want government-run health care

This letter is in response to the letter from Brodie Farquhar in the Steamboat Today dated March 29.

When are liberals like you Brodie gong to realize that Americans don't want government run health care, whether it's single payer, Obamacare, Medicare for all or any other such program, and we have the last election here in Colorado to prove it once again with a single-payer system going down in flames 79 percent to 21 percent?

That compares well with California's drubbing of such a plan 75 percent to 25 percent and Oregon's 80 percent to 20 percent annihilation when those two decidedly liberal states had referendums on the matter. And Vermont, which went the legislative way, couldn't figure how to pay for it and thus scrapped the idea altogether.

I also find it ironic that two pages after your letter in the viewpoints section, there was an article about dentists and probably doctors as well in the Roaring Fork Valley who do not take Medicare or Medicaid.

What good is your Medicare for all going to be under that scenario? Is your next big government move going to be a gun pointed at the heads of doctors who refuse those patients? The problem with your liberal progressive ideas is that they always beget more and more government to fix a problem liberal progressive policies created in the first place.

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The answer is repeal the ACA back to the states where it belongs constitutionally as well as economically with allowances for purchasing across state lines, for individuals joining cooperatives for purchasing power through competition and getting rid of the stupid mandates that do nothing but drive up the cost of premiums.

Those with pre-existing conditions that insurance companies refuse coverage should be taken care of by the individual states and localities with a sliding income scale. I know you think government-run health care has lower costs, but that is easily debunked by comparing government accounting methods with that of the private sector.

And government-run health care systems further hide their true costs in taxes and rationing. Remember, this is the same government with $60,000 toilet seats, $25,000 hammers, duplicitous programs and 20 trillion in debt. Now we are to believe they are geniuses at controlling administration costs? What ever happened with the waste fraud and abuse we hear every election in Medicare and Medicaid?

You mention in so many words that the U.S. is the only industrial country in the world without a universal health care system. That should be celebrated not criticized as that makes us the leaders of freedom, not the followers of tyranny.

Keep in mind, those same countries also brought us fascism, Nazism, socialism and communism. How did they get such power? One of the biggest ways is through the conduit of a national health care system.

There is a reason our founders wrote the constitution the way they did, to divide power away from a centralized power and down to the states and the people. If you want government run health care then do it in another state as Colorado has already made their decision. But leave the rest of the country alone.

As one prominent radio voice has said, “the states are the laboratories of good ideas and the isolator of bad ones." If it's such a great idea you will have labor and capital flowing  your way or other states will copy your model. Good luck.

Besides, using a word out of your own liberal progressive dictionary, borrowing from the Chinese to pay for a national or single-payer health care system is "unsustainable.”

David Ihde

Steamboat Springs

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