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Dave Moloney: Understand the challenges

Dave Moloney/For the Steamboat Today

I was excited to receive the Today's invitation to submit an op-ed piece about my candidacy for the House District 26 seat in the Colorado House of Representatives. I know that my experiences have prepared me well to serve as your representative, and I am thankful for the opportunity to earn your support.

Like many of you, I came here for the skiing and world class recreational opportunities. But it was the people that made me truly fall in love with our community. The joy that I have experienced in living here is what inspires me to give back.

While I didn't have the good fortune to be born and raised here, I did have the good sense to recognize that there really wasn't any better place to live. Over the last 25 years, I've built my life here and taken on a number of roles. I've worn a lot of different hats and have enjoyed it thoroughly.

I have gone from ski bum to small business owner, single guy to proud father, from starting a new career to becoming a leader in my profession, from living in a trailer park to owning my own home and from simply enjoying this beautiful place to giving back by helping out in a variety of community organizations.

I understand the challenges that face young people, families and small businesses that want to succeed here, and I'm committed to working towards a state government that fosters your success and respects your freedom. My decision making will be based on the belief that you are capable of determining what is best for you and that you don't need the government micromanaging your life.

Colorado currently has one of the highest unemployment rates in our region. Yet, over the last two years, while many Coloradans were struggling just to make ends meet, our current representative was pushing through special interest pet projects. Co-sponsoring what would have been the largest tax increase in Colorado history, driving up utility costs for rural Coloradans and assaulting the freedoms of law-abiding Colorado citizens by passing unenforceable gun legislation.

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We can do better. As your representative, I'll focus my energy on creating and maintain good paying Colorado jobs. I will work for education reform that maintains local control and gives parents more choice. I will support the responsible development of Colorado's energy resources while protecting the environment, creating good jobs and furthering our energy independence. I'll fight wasteful spending of your hard-earned tax dollars, and I will defend your Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy. I look forward to meeting you out on the campaign trail and hope you'll join me in making a change for the better in our state government this year.

Feel free to contact me at coloradocandidate@gmail.com.

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