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Dan Kuechenmeister: Bombast on both sides

It was somewhat of a surprise to see the column by Joanne Palmer ("Are we not better than this?") on the front page of the Oct. 31 paper. I have just moved to the area full time about four months ago and have tried to read the daily and Sunday (we do subscribe) paper as often as possible, and this piece seemed more appropriate on the editorial page than the front page.

I have no issue with the writer calling out Ann Coulter, though her article further's Ms. Coulter's aims, which Joanne Palmer says she does not want to do but does it anyway. Anybody who knows of Coulter knows there most likely will be some bombast in things she says or writes (thank goodness there are none on the left that ever say bombastic things). I would agree "retard" was not a good choice. Maybe she would have been better served to use "numbskull" or "nincompoop" instead.

Palmer goes on to say "the airwaves are filled with people like Ann Coulter calling the president of the United States a 'retard.'" Can she back up that accusation with proof? She also asks that we "stop the brutal bickering and name calling for one minute." Because I am new to the area, I am curious if the writer has ever pleaded for a stop to the name calling of any Republican candidates? Has Palmer ever responded to any of Paul Krugman's bombast, as he is a regular contributor to this paper's editorial pages, or is her ire only for conservatives? If the answer is no to the first question and yes to the second, then I would suggest commentary such as hers be confined to the editorial pages.

I couldn't agree more that words have consequences, and Ms. Coulter's use of the word "retard" went way over the line. I just hope to see condemnation of bombast from the left treated equally by columnists in this paper.

Dan Kuechenmeister

Oak Creek

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