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Dagny McKinley: No to bike park

The 2 acres of land in question is an area that is a critical water and flora resource for wild animals such as bear, elk, moose, fox, birds and more, especially in years of early winters or late springs with high precipitation that force animals to lower elevations to find food.

I also see no allocation of funds to restore the habitat after the three years is over. Who is responsible for those funds? To simply abandon the park after three years is not acceptable. A recession is not the time to start building, as we have clearly seen from the mess that is still sitting empty at the base of Mount Werner.

Who will measure the impact on the wildlife and what will be the comparison? At the end of three years if the flora and fauna are not restored to the same healthy levels as previously, then who will be held responsible for that?

Why do we need a temporary facility to provide instant gratification? Why aren't we petitioning the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. or the city's Howelsen Hill to implement more permanent structures there?

Here's what I propose as three possible solutions:

■ Give funding to Ski Corp. to help finish construction and build a bike park there.

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■ Buy a piece of private land and build a bike park there

■ Move to a town that already has a bike park and move back in three years when a more permanent structure may be in place.

If you think the last one is inconvenient, try explaining to the wildlife that are being displaced how inconvenient it will be for them to find another water and fauna resource in order to simply survive due to the wants not needs of man.

Dagny McKinley

Steamboat Springs

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