Craig woman gets 60 days in jail for attempted theft |

Craig woman gets 60 days in jail for attempted theft

Zach Fridell

Lori Wagner

— Craig woman Lori Wagner on Friday pleaded guilty to attempted theft and criminal mischief after she was accused of stealing more than $30,000 from a Steamboat Springs real estate company.

As part of the deal, Wagner paid $35,000 in restitution, and she will spend 60 days in the Routt County Jail. She also agreed to 100 hours of community service and four years of supervised probation. In exchange, the deal gave her a deferred judgment on the felony charge of attempted theft, so if she successfully completes her four-year probation, the charge will not go on her record. The criminal mischief misdemeanor will go on her record regardless.

Fourteenth Judicial District Judge Shelley Hill rejected a first version of the plea agreement crafted by Routt County Deputy District Attorney Rusty Prindle, Wagner and her attorney, Sam Walter, saying it was too lenient.

Hill said at a previous hearing that she thought the plea agreement was too lenient because it did not include any jail time. The first version of Friday's agreement had 30 days of jail time, and Hill said she approved but would like to see 90 days, with no work release. The final version Hill accepted had 60 days with no work release, to be started Jan. 7.

Wagner turned over a cashier's check for the $35,000 in restitution at the end of the sentencing. Hill also suggested adding a letter of apology to the victim, Evlyn Berge, owner of Axis West Realty, and Wagner agreed.

Wagner was accused in July of using Berge's absence from the store to move money from account to account, stealing more than $30,000. Berge attended Friday's hearing and agreed to the final plea deal.

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