Craig Schifter: Sick puppies |

Craig Schifter: Sick puppies

I must disagree with your Sunday editorial ("Our View: Cranes in the crosshairs") regarding hunting sandhill cranes and all of the arguments put forth. The reason is simple and is central to my gut reaction when I first became aware that this subject was even being considered. Just like "there is no crying in baseball," you just don't hunt sandhill cranes.

"Why?" my mind screamed when I heard about the proposal. What kind of sick puppy would even think about popping off a crane? Emotional reaction? Yes. But that doesn't water down the argument. I can't get beyond the mystery in my mind of why anyone would want to hunt a crane, and all the bone-throwing reasons that Mr. Willman wrote about ("Welcome to SteamBoulder") just don't blunt my reaction, no matter how well our Parks and Wildlife people manage our wildlife. You just don't do it.

Craig Schifter

Oak Creek

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