Craig rated in top 20 outdoors destinations |

Craig rated in top 20 outdoors destinations

Nate Waggenspack

Since 2008 when Outdoor Life Magazine began compiling a list of the top 200 towns in America for sportsmen, Craig has made the top 100 each year.

But, the city has never had a ranking as high as this year's.

Craig vaulted 57 spots from 2011, earning 20th on the outdoor list.

Outdoor Life made changes to the criteria for top towns in 2012.

Instead of considering socioeconomic aspects of each town, the magazine chose its rankings entirely based on hunting and fishing opportunities available in each city.

"We decided to forgo the socioeconomic, objective data that has gone into our Top Towns formula in the past and come up with a list of 35 dream towns that our editors would love to live in based entirely on the hunting and fishing opportunities there," senior editor for Outdoor Life John Taranto wrote in an email.

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