Couples should choose music pertinent to them |

Couples should choose music pertinent to them

Luke Graham

Longtime disc jockey Kip Strean said that when it comes to choosing music at weddings, whether it’s the reception or the ceremony, it’s essential that the bride and groom are true to themselves.

“The first thing I tell all the couples is choose the music that is pertinent to them,” said Strean, owner of the Flyte Sound DJ service. “Choose music very pertinent to you and your family members.”

Strean said it’s become common for couples to shy away from the traditional “Here Comes the Bride” music during ceremonies and move more toward songs that have specific meaning to the couples.

“Really, couples are picking all of the songs now,” Strean said.

Choosing music for a wedding can be a daunting task, from the ceremony itself to the reception. Christel Houston, owner of Altitude Music in Steamboat Springs, works to make that task easier for her customers.

“I meet with the bride and groom and help them choose their music or musicians,” Houston said. “I’m sort of a one-stop shop.”

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While Houston books DJ’s, she said most of her work is coordinating with live musicians for the wedding ceremony or reception.

“Usually brides want a string quartet or a flute guitar. Something that’s nice for the ceremony,” Houston said. “It is the ambiance you set. Really setting the entire mood with the musicians you choose.”

Houston said she can book almost any kind of music a couple would want. From country and jazz to classical and Celtic music, Houston said she’s done it all.

“The music that they pick really reflects their individuality as a couple,” she said. “We meet with the couple and pick the right musicians.”

If a couple wants to go with a DJ, John Johnston, owner of A Perfect Note, said coming in with a clear plan is the best option.

“It’s just knowing your crowd, your friends and keeping them in mind,” Johnston said. “In the end, you’re throwing a party for all these people. It’s all about communicating who is going to be there.”

Houston said live bands at the reception can cost between $1,500 and $4,000. Having live music during the ceremony can cost between $300 and $1,200, she added.

“It all depends on who you want and how many musicians you want,” she said.

Strean said he usually charges between $700 and $800 for a five-hour reception, a price that goes up by the hour. He said that price is common for experienced DJs.

Strean and Houston said booking music as early as possible is the best plan. With Steamboat becoming quite a hub for weddings, Strean said that if couples don’t book early, they probably won’t get what they want.

“I recommend at least six to eight months before, if not a year in advance,” he said. “It gives you a lot of time to think what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it. Having a good plan is always a good plan.”

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