County Agenda for Nov. 18 and 19 |

County Agenda for Nov. 18 and 19


Work session

10:30 a.m. Manager update

Tom Sullivan, County Manager

11:30 a.m. Legal update

John Merrill, County Attorney

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Noon Lunch break

1:30 p.m. Road and Bridge Department update

Janet Hruby, Director

2 p.m. Human Services update

Vickie Clark, Director

2:30 p.m. Purchasing update

Tim Winter, Director

3 p.m. Treasurer update

Brita Horn, Treasurer/Public Trustee

3:30 p.m. Extension update

Karen Massey, Director

4 p.m. Environmental Health update

Mike Zopf/Director

4:30 p.m. Information Systems update

Terry Barber, Director

5 p.m. Meeting adjourned


Regular meeting

10:30 a.m. Call to order

A. Pledge of Allegiance

B. Approval of accounts payable, manual warrants and payroll

C. Items of note from the previous day's work sessions

10:35 a.m. Consent agenda items

Items of routine and noncontroversial nature are placed on the consent agenda to allow the Routt County Board of Commissioners to spend its time and energy on more important items on a lengthy agenda. Any commissioner may request that an item be pulled from the consent agenda and considered separately. Any member of the public may request any item be pulled from the consent agenda.

A. Approval of county commissioners minutes: regular meeting of Oct. 22, 2013

B. Approval of the state human service electronic benefit transfer in the amount of $354,888.83 through October 2013.

10:40 a.m. Consideration of items pulled from the consent agenda

10:45 a.m. Public comment

Public comment will be heard on any item except quasi-judicial land-use items. County commissioners will take public comment under consideration but will not make any decision nor take action at this time.

10:55 a.m. Yampa Valley Recycles

Emile Rogers

A. Annual recycling awards

Presentation of the annual Recycling Awards to three community organizations in recognition of America Recycles Day (Nov. 15).

11:10 a.m. Human Resources

Chris Hensen, Director

A. Restaurant general manager

Consideration to approve a request to change the method of compensation for the airport restaurant general manager from a contracted, exempt employee to a regular, exempt employee with a pay scale.

B. Restaurant general manager pay scale

Consideration to approve a pay scale for the position of Restaurant General Manager.

Noon Lunch Break

1 p.m. State representative Diane Mitsch Bush

A. State legislative update

  1. Bills that have become law

  2. Updates on flood clean up

  3. 2014 Session

  4. Upcoming 2014 Legislation especially water and transportation

2 p.m. Meeting adjourned

All regular meetings are open to the public unless otherwise noted. All meetings will be held in the Routt County Historic Courthouse – 522 Lincoln Ave., Commissioners Hearing Room, Steamboat Springs – or otherwise noted.

All programs, services and activities of Routt County are operated in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need a special accommodation as a result of a disability, please call the Commissioners Office at 970-879-0108 to assure that we can meet your needs. Please notify us of your request as soon as possible prior to the scheduled event. Routt County uses the Relay Colorado service. Dial 711 or TDD 970-870-5444.

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