Council looks to slow down traffic |
Christine Metz

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Council looks to slow down traffic

Steamboat Springs City Council members said they would look at what they could do to slow down traffic in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Brook–lyn neighbors came to the council to complain about the increase in traffic and speeds in the neighborhood, which is home to many young children.

Neighbors said traffic on the road has increased and that drivers do not follow the 25 miles-per-hour speed limit. River Road runs through the neighborhood and can, at times, act as a shortcut from the east side of town on U.S. Highway 40 to the Fifth Street Bridge.

“We are a family-oriented neighborhood,” Brooklyn resident Rick Bear said. “We are becoming a convenient alternative byway for construction traffic, an exit road for special events at Howelsen Hill and a speedway for far too many.”

Five years ago, the city put a stop sign at River Road and Spar Street in hopes of controlling traffic. Bear said another stop sign would not solve the problem.

“I ask, do whatever is in your power to restore our neighborhood to a safe, quiet and friendly place,” he said.

After a meeting with Brooklyn neighbors, city staff came up with 10 possibilities to slow down and reduce traffic through the neighborhood.

City Council members said they had no problems with in—-creasing police enforcement of the area and lowering the tolerance level for ticketing to 5 mph more than the speed limit, as opposed to more than 10 mph. They also directed staff to look at painting the speed limit on the road, adding more speed limit signs and placing an additional stop sign at River Road and Agate Street.

The council wanted more information about placing gross vehicle weight restrictions on the road, which would deter construction traffic from traveling through the neighborhood.

The council also was not com–fortable with putting in place speed bumps to slow down traffic. City Manager Paul Hughes advised against using them.

“I just see that on a road like River Road, it being something that really annoys some drivers to the point where they make up for the delay by speeding up elsewhere,” Hughes said.

Council members said they wanted to see how the other measures worked before using speed bumps.

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