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Tom Ross: State Legislature memorializes Dave Wattenberg, who represented Moffat, Routt counties

The late state Sen. Dave Wattenberg engaged in a long-running contest with state Rep. Don Ament to see who could top each other by pulling harmless practical jokes.

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Tom Ross: Logging a season's worth of powder tracks at Steamboat Ski Area

Steamboat skier Soren Jespersen records all but a handful of the season's runs with the help of GPS app and Google Earth.

Tom Ross: Early homesteaders were Yampa Valley's 1st locavores

Albert and Minnie Hitchens' flock of hens stopped laying eggs every winter and the family resorted to some unusual means of keeping eggs almost fresh enough to eat through the winter.

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Tom Ross: Flamingos fly the coop on Logan Street in Old Town Steamboat

Logan Street is the the kind of Steamboat neighborhood where folks are on a first-name basis with their neighbors and don’t expect this kind of sordid crime to take place.

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Tom Ross: Meep, meep! Roadrunners really hopeless romantics

If you learned everything you know about roadrunners from the Warner Brothers cartoon, it may come as a surprise to you that the roadrunner, unlike the oddly ditzy character that exasperated Wile E. Coyote, is loyal to its mate.

Old time Cowboy Ted Cordova never runs out of stories to tell

Tony Cascio shares a story Ted Cordova used to tell about sleeping with pigs who protected him from snakes.

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Tom Ross: Ted Cordova is one of the last of the drifting cowboys and a builder of ski trails

If ever anyone embodied Steamboat’s claim to being a cowboy ski town, with ties to the days when ranch hands drove cattle to the rail heads, it is probably Ted Cordova, for whom the Ted's Ridge trail is named.

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Tom Ross: As many as 30 girls ski jumping with Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club this winter

With about 30 girls already honing their ski jumping skills in the Winter Sports Club’s Nordic combined program, it seems inevitable that one of the little girls at play Friday on Howelsen Hill someday will find a special place in Steamboat’s Olympic history.

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Tom Ross: Caution: Dragons in the mirror are closer than they appear

Don’t blame Spike the Big Red Dragon – in spite of this fire-breathing tendencies, he is a cold-blooded reptile, and Routt County winters have become too much for him to bear.

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Tom Ross: Steamboat's Chief Theater hosting series of tributes to Neil Young

The best thing about catching a live show at the Chief Theater in downtown Steamboat Springs is that the audience gives its full attention to the music - there’s nobody standing next to you cheerfully shouting about the last epic powder day as if there weren’t a concert going on.

Tom Ross: Newspaper reporters get the strangest phone calls

In the last six months or so I’ve received two messages, spaced a couple of weeks apart, from a fellow seeking employment at my dairy farm, not just for himself, but for his spouse as well. But I don't have any cows to milk.

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Tom Ross: Steamboat gaining traction as Dog Town USA

There is no truth to the rumor that there is a retired drug sniffing dog languishing unclaimed at the pound in Steamboat Springs.

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Tom Ross: Our ability to cook our own food is part of what defines humanity

New Year's Day marked the first time in many years that I had baked bread that required leavening, allowing the bread to rise, kneading it and allowing it to rise again.

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Tom Ross: Tread of Pioneers Museum in Steamboat displays the beauty of snow crystals

People visiting Steamboat Springs this winter have an opportunity to learn a little more about the science of snowflakes while admiring their beauty in a photo exhibit at the Tread of Pioneers Museum called "Snowflakes, Nature’s Dazzling Design."

Tom Ross: News of Intrawest’s IPO plans, and Crested Butte’s suitor closely timed

Triple Peaks LLC led by Tim and Diane Mueller entered into an agreement to purchase Steamboat Ski Area from a previous owner, American Skiing Company, in January 2002 for $91.4 million. It never came to pass.