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Where in Colorado is Scooby Doobie Do?

Lance Koch grew up in Dinosaur, which is about 100 miles west of Scooby Doobie Do, and frequently sticks out his thumb as he travels between Steamboat, Carbondale and Grand Junction.

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Mid-May the ideal time for foals to be born in Elk River Valley

Nothing compares to a newborn colt

Friday marked the first time Squirt had left the barn and the stall he was born in, but within 15 minutes, he was making short dashes around his mother.

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May 8 should be a great day to make a memory, skiing on Rabbit Ears Pass

We weren’t the first to pull into the parking lot at the North Walton Peak on Saturday, and the presence of other skiers meant that somebody else got first tracks, but it also meant somebody else had broken trail to the peak.

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Septuagenarian logs 100 days on skis in memory of husband

Septuagenarian logs 100 days on skis

During a celebration of life for Ross Theadore in July 2015, his ski clothing was spread out on a table and guests were invited to help themselves to an article of clothing on the condition they occasionally take it out for a spin.

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Astronauts rocked Boulder's Tulagi

Warning: This column is intended for mature audiences

1964 was the year the Beatles released 'A Hard Day’s Night' in the U.S. Jan and Dean put out a groovy California surf record, 'The LIttle Old Lady from Pasadena.'

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The crowd waiting in line in Steamboat's Gondola Square Friday wasn't carrying skis

Texas musicians warm up cold day in the 'Boat

Cody Quillin, of Fort Worth, said the opportunity to see a couple of living Texas music legends, Joe Ely and Johnny Bush, made his week during the 31st Steamboat MusicFest.

Taking the long way from Denver to San Diego via Madison, Wisconsin

Canadian family smiles through 'bargain' flight

It was just minutes after I settled into a seat at my gate in the B Concourse at Denver International that I realized I was in the midst of a family from Canada caught up in their own John Candy moment.

Celebrating Christmas in a North Routt gold camp in 1877

"Uncle Bill" Leahy and his party snowshoed to a remote ranch on Snake River to party through the night on Christmas 1877

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Still pressing glass after all these years, powder or not

This pack of aging powder dogs wastes no time at the top of the lift discussing where to ski next, and they swoop down the hill like a flock of startled birds.

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Broncos' 1984 Snow Bowl win made the phones ring at Steamboat Central Reservations

Snowy gridirons — ski resorts' delight

The 1984 Snow Bowl called for snowshoes instead of football cleats but made such an impression on the national television audience that it boosted numbers for the 1984-85 ski season at resorts across the Colorado Rockies.

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Stealth storm delivers fresh powder day to Steamboat's holiday skiers

In terms of the entire ski season, four inches of powder isn’t a big thing. But in terms of transforming a Thanksgiving holiday ski experience, it means a lot.

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Local couple rekindles acquaintance with people of Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Even in September, the children of Saas-Fee, Switzerland, grab a pair of skis after school board a tram and then a subway that delivers them to the top of a glacier where they train to become World Cup racers.

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With passing of longtime former barber Ken Shovick in Grand Junction, Steamboat loses a genuine character

Family Barber Ken Shovick's great redeeming quality was that he loved to be insulted as much as he loved mercilessly teasing his customers.

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Steamboat pooch swallowed the wrong weed and wound up in Denver to undergo chest surgery

A weed called foxtails sent a three-year-old yellow Lab named Grady Day to a veterinary clinic in Denver this month for emergency surgery. Thousands of dollars later, Grady is back to his old self this week.

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Steamboat Springs dog's social media page makes his return to owner possible

Denver bodyguard believes the people who took a young dog named Champ from in front of a Steamboat business likely had a profit motive.