Thoughtful Parenting columns


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Thoughtful Parenting: Reframing the obesity epidemic conversation

Turns out, your health is far more influenced by your activity level than your weight.

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Thoughtful Parenting: Pygmalion Effect

Most of us have heard of the expression “self-fulfilling prophecy.” It is also called the Pygmalion Effect.

Thoughtful Parenting: Make children’s oral health a priority

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, making this a great time to focus on oral health for both you and your family.

Thoughtful Parenting: Understanding adoption

Not every family grows in the same way. While many parents experience the birth of their biological children, other parents experience the journey of adopting children who are forever theirs.

Thoughtful Parenting: Do as I say, not as I do

The discovery that our brains contain “mirror neurons” is relatively new in the field of neuropsychology. How, you might ask, does that have anything to do with positive parenting? The answer is that mirror neurons assist hugely in the development of empathy and attunement in very young children and older humans, as well.

Thoughtful Parenting: Resource for Routt County families with children

As a parent or caregiver, it can be challenging to find or know about all of the resources available for your child.

Thoughtful Parenting: Benefits of early reading

It is never too early to start reading to infants and toddlers. People say early reading is important, but why?

Thoughtful Parenting: The joy and benefit of play

Winter has arrived, and with the colder months now upon us, it’s a great time to enjoy the twinkly lights, celebrate the glistening snow and give back to your community.

Thoughtful Parenting: Empathy essential component in child rearing

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” That expression works for adults but not so well for children. How can we possibly walk a mile in our children’s shoes, especially if our children can’t walk?

Thoughtful Parenting: Physical activity and the brain

Adequate movement throughout the school day will build healthy bodies and focused minds. Movement not only produces successful students, but it also prepares children to become healthy adults who will be effective in their careers and model healthy behavior for their own children.

Thoughtful Parenting: Communication with and without hearing loss

Two to three in 1,000 children are born with detectable hearing loss in one or both ears. Sometimes, mild hearing loss at birth may progress to more severe hearing loss once the child gets home from the hospital.

Thoughtful Parenting: Postpartum depression — help for moms, dads and kids

Over the past decade, well-known women such as Brooke Shields and Marie Osmond have bravely shared their stories about postpartum depression. Their stories are not necessarily unique, but have helped us understand PPD is real and something to take seriously.

Thoughtful Parenting: Keep kids tobacco free

Grand Futures Prevention Coalition would like to remind you of the importance of limiting the use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana and to steer clear of illegal substances this holiday season and always.

Thoughtful Parenting: Positive child rearing

In this day and age of single-parent child rearing, it is still possible to raise a well- mannered, healthy child with self-esteem in place. Achieving this goal requires investing extra time and effort to realize results for a lifetime.

Thoughtful Parenting: Provide positive environments this holiday season

Grand Futures Prevention Coalition would like to reiterate the importance of limiting youth access to alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs and expound upon the Social Host Ordinance. If you don’t permit it, you don’t promote it. Think smart this holiday season, and don’t allow your child to underage drink.