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Nicole Inglis: Mud season a giant sigh of relief for Steamboat Springs

To me, the April offseason is one giant sigh of relief for Steamboat, a time to recharge after a thankfully busy and powder-filled season.

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Nicole Inglis: Letter by letter, marquee tells a story

Marquees relay more than events and announcements; they’re a lighted symbol of love. The Chief Theater marquee reminds me daily that there are concerts and special events brewing at this fledgling downtown performing arts center, which held its first arts event in February with a performance of “The Vagina Monologues.”

Nicole Inglis: Why ski screen-free?

Smartphones provide skiers and boarders with an extension of the skiing experience and enhance the sport in many ways. But how much is too much?

Nicole Inglis: Finding ways to play in 2012

There was no shortage of entertainment in the past year because in Steamboat, we always find a way to play.

Nicole Inglis: Remembering to forget

For the past four weeks, it felt as if it hadn’t snowed since the last Ice Age.

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Nicole Inglis: America was Close to getting it right

It wasn’t much of a surprise a few weeks ago when I turned on my TV to see William Close's face gleaming with intensity, lit brilliantly from among the strings of his Earth Harp on "America’s Got Talent" on NBC.

Nicole Inglis: Missing the 'Boat

This weekend, as Missed the Boat says goodbye to a band member and hello to a new era, I feel like all of us fans are right along for the ride.

Nicole Inglis: Labor Day in Steamboat a double-edged sword

I knew it was coming. For the last few weeks, I’ve watched it slowly approach on the calendar, a looming, double-edged sword of a holiday.

Nicole Inglis: #Steamboat, meet Ipswich

By trying to narrow my Twitter focus, I've actually broadened my horizons and learned a few tidbits of mostly useless but entertaining information.