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This monthly column about health issues publishes on Mondays in the Steamboat Today.


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Livewell Northwest Colorado: Bring growing back home

We stand at the convergence of humanities and technology, and vertical aeroponics serves as nature with aerodynamic design.

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LiveWell Northwest Colorado: National School Lunch Program going strong

In response to widespread malnutrition among World War II recruits and an abundance of U.S.-produced agricultural products, the U.S. Congress enacted the National School Lunch Act in 1946, with hopes of "strengthening the nation through better nutrition for our school children," while, at the same time, supporting U.S. farmers through guaranteed purchases of commodity products to use in government programs.

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LiveWell Northwest Colorado: Recognizing food insecurity

When someone is coming in looking for help with rent or car repairs, there is a good chance that they are also struggling to put food on the table.

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Livewell Northwest Colorado: Food waste to energy

As Americans, we throw out 40 percent of the food we produce. An average family loses nearly $1,500 per year through food waste. When we throw away organic materials in the trashcan, those materials release greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change.

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LiveWell Northwest Colorado: Feeding a community

According to research from Feeding America, approximately 3,030 Routt County residents, or 13 percent, are food insecure. Each year, 40 percent of the food produced in the United States is thrown away.

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Livewell Northwest Colorado: Fighting food insecurity in Routt County

Many of our neighbors, co-workers and friends here in Routt County do not have reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. They are food insecure.

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Livewell Northwest Colorado: It takes a community

Despite Steamboat’s epic winters, the more I talk with people in this community, the more I think spring is one of the most popular seasons in the Yampa Valley.

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Livewell Northwest Colorado: Visit family friendly Farmers Market

One of my all-time favorite things to do with my kids during the summer is visit the weekly Saturday Farmers Market.

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Livewell Northwest Colorado: Food recovery effort take hold in Yampa Valley

The issue of food waste doesn’t start in our refrigerator. It is complex and occurs along every step of the food chain.

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Livewell Northwest Colorado: You are what you eat

Kids are pretty good at identifying which foods are good for them and which are not. However, when it comes to selecting which foods to eat, kids generally opt for what they already know that they like. Telling kids about how foods go to work in different parts of their bodies can be a good strategy to get them to try new healthy foods.

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Livewell Northwest Colorado: Best thing I ever ate

Whether you live to eat, or eat to live, food is necessary and a significant part of our daily life. The choices we make in what we eat not only have obvious implications for our health, but also impact our environment, economy and community in general.

LiveWell Northwest Colorado: Kids' questions about hydration

In response to a recent study, which revealed that 84 percent of children start the school day in a state of mild dehydration, as well as local anecdotal evidence supporting this statistic, wellness efforts in the Hayden and South Routt School Districts have included a focus on hydration.0

LiveWell Northwest Colorado: Now that's food service

Where do you go if you need food in Routt County? Where do you go if you want to learn how to garden at high elevations, how to buy local food, how to eat healthy, how to teach your child where their food comes from, how to make our food economy more sustainable and how to learn about food rescue and what to do with food waste?

LiveWell Northwest Colorado: SNAP Challenge more challenging than expected

Last month, I wrote an article inviting the community to take the SNAP challenge for up to seven days with my husband and me. The challenge was to consume no more than $4.50 worth of food or beverages per person per day.

LiveWell Northwest Colorado: There is such a thing as a free lunch

When was the last time you had a school lunch? I have memories of “mystery” meats, gloppy potatoes and jello — not super appetizing to look at or eat. That is not the experience you would have if you ate in the cafeterias of any school district in Routt County.