John Russell columns


John F. Russell: Making memories on the slopes that will last a lifetime

The ski season, and the chance to make lasting memories with your children, is just around the corner.

John F. Russell: Understanding what it takes to be a fan

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy to be a fan. But for those of us who have spent our entire lives cheering for the same team, the love of the fan is easy to understand.

John F. Russell: Support the best thing a parent can offer

Parents will not find any clear-cut rules when it comes to watching young athletes play the game, but if they offer support, they might just discover the game can teach us all a lesson worth understanding.

John F. Russell: Bill Meyers riding into the future

Bill Meyers has been racing to national titles for years and he has no intention of stopping.

John F. Russell: Making a difference 1 pin at a time

For more than two decades, the Knights of Columbus group has supported those with disabilities by running a Special Olympics bowling program in Steamboat Springs.

John F. Russell: Start of ski season acts as warning bell for Olympic hopefuls

Start of ski season means the days until the Sochi Olympics are counting down at a rapid pace.

John F. Russell: The Crawfords will be missed, and their contributions will last for generations

Gary Crawford will be missed after his departure in October from Steamboat Springs, but his contributions to our community and the sport of Nordic combined will remain.

John F. Russell: Photographer at home on the sidelines

It might not seem so inviting when the weather turns cold along the sidelines of a football game in late October, but as a photographer there is no place I would rather be — just a few feet from where the action unfolds.

John F. Russell: Hoping to keep pace with Giselle

Giselle Miller turned 80 on Friday the 13th, but the Steamboat Springs resident isn't about to slow down on the road of life.

John F. Russell: Rolling into a new bowling season

On Thursday night, I celebrated the start of a new season, but it had nothing to do with the Broncos, the NFL or football.

John F. Russell: Battle against cancer finds roots in Steamboat Springs

The battle against cancer impacts us all, but several locals have taken their efforts to another level by raising money and awareness.

John F. Russell: Phil Southerland inspiring those with diabetes 1 race at a time

Phil Southerland was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was just 7 months old, and he has been inspiring others ever since.

John F. Russell: Baseball finding its place in Ski Town USA

Let's face the facts: Playing baseball in Ski Town USA is an uphill battle. It’s like riding your mountain bike to the top of Storm Peak in the highest gear with two flat tires. It’s like attempting to ski down the Why Not ski run on Alpine skis the first week of August.

John F. Russell: Skiing takes its place under the lights

For years, I've thought that skiing is one of those things that should not happen at night, but I'm willing to take a chance and let the ski area prove that anything is possible under the lights.

John F. Russell: Time to play the game

After year of organizing the Rally for the Cure golf tournament, Linda Danter finally got her chance to play in the big event.