John Russell columns


John F. Russell: Colorado isn't the home of the fair-weather fan

Sure, Colorado may have a few fair-weather fans, but in my experience, this is a state that gets behind its teams, win or lose.

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John F. Russell: Party a celebration of Johnny Spillane's legacy

A room full of supporters showed up at Olympian Hall last week to cheer one more time for one of our town's most recognized Olympic athletes.

John F. Russell: Discovering the unexpected places the game can lead

Hockey player Ryan Dingle has discovered that the game can take him many places, a few of them unexpected.

John F. Russell: Get over it, sports fans

LeBron James traded his loyalty to Cleveland for titles in Miami. You may not like it, but it's about time to get over it.

John F. Russell: Playing the game, feeling the pain

If you play recreational softball, you've probably experienced the moment that comes the day after.

John F. Russell: Rick DeVos leaves his mark, sets new standard

Rick DeVos helped make the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club a model in our country, and a source of pride in our community.

John F. Russell: Making a summer list

Summer days in Steamboat Springs are precious. So the best thing to do is make a list and get rolling before it's too late and summer is gone.

John F. Russell: Lifelong love of the game

I fell in love with running bases as a child, and though I'm a little older and a little slower, the game and my love of playing it never has changed.

John F. Russell: Feeling lucky in Steamboat Springs

It's easy to forget just how lucky we are to live in Steamboat Springs, but then again all you have to do is look around to realize what a great place this is.

John F. Russell: Hitting the road for a weekend of soccer

When you are 46, a trip to Denver requires clean underwear, a clean shirt, deodorant and a toothbrush. But when you are taking your 11-year-old daughter to Denver, it’s a different story.

John F. Russell: Playoffs bring a new sense of importance to the game

The regular seasons are coming to a close, and high school athletes are looking forward to the opportunities playoffs have to offer.

John F. Russell: Spillane's legacy about more than Olympic medals

It takes more than one good race to become an Olympic-sized legend in Ski Town USA.

John F. Russell: Pioneers make Hall of Fame one cool journey

Last weekend, a new class of athletes was inducted into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame insuring their stories will live on for future generations to enjoy.

John F. Russell: Cheering for those who live life to its fullest

It's easy to cheer for the superstars in sports, but the guys I admire play the game for love, not the spotlight.

John F. Russell: Steamboat athletes and Olympic fans are following the road to Sochi, Russia

It's fun and frustrating to watch as athletes with ties to Steamboat Springs chase their dreams along the road to Sochi, Russia, and the 2014 winter Olympic Games.