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John F. Russell: Middle Park skier inspires

Middle Park skier inspires others with love of the sport, and a smile that never seems to fade

John F. Russell: Missing your shot at Olympic glory

Every athlete heads to the Olympics hoping to bring home a medal, hoping to avoid the danger of placing fourth.

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John F. Russell: Cheering for the boys of summer

Two summers ago the Steamboat Storm collegiate baseball team arrived in Steamboat Springs hoping to bring a new level of the game America loves to the mountains of Northwest Colorado. Now, in its second year, the team is hoping to bring a title home to its dedicated band of local followers and supporters.

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John F. Russell: Finding excitement in soccer

Sports can't always be decided in regulation, and as a fan of most sports, I can't help but get a little excited about the prospect of overtime.

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John F. Russell: Coors Field is the perfect place to build lasting memories

The Colorado Rockies have become a summer tradition in the Russell family and thanks to some great hitting and timely pitching Saturday's game at Coors Field provided more than a few memories worth cheering for.

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John F. Russell: Cleveland lands title, Lebron earns my respect

Cleveland earned its first major sports title in more tnan 50 years Sunday, thrilling sports fans across the country and giving LeBron James a chance to rebuild his own legacy.

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John F. Russell: Sharing the dream with your children

I used to think that parents who travel around the country to watch their children play games were crazy, but now I think it's time that somebody had me committed.

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John F. Russell: Finding great athletes on the stage

This week some of the top athletes in the country have come to Steamboat Springs. But don't bother looking for them on the field, the court or the ice.

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John F. Russell: Amy Brodie overcoming challenges, wondering if there is more

When Steamboat Springs swimmer Amy Brodie got the opportunity to swim at Colorado Mesa University a few years ago, she reached a level few swimmers in Steamboat have ever enjoyed. But the past few years have been filled with ups and downs, and after making a tremendous comeback this last season, the local girl can't help but wonder what could be.

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John F. Russell: Inspiring love for the game

It's not Major League Baseball or even a minor league franchise, but longtime baseball supporter Dave Roy is hoping the Storm will entice Steamboat Springs locals to head to the ball fields and fall in love with baseball this summer.

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Longtime sensei will begin new chapter in Golden

For 16 years, sensei Michael David Bauk has taught the art of karate to the students of Steamboat Sprngs. In June, he will pass his business onto a new generation of teachers and close a chapter on his life.

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John F. Russell: Driving into spring sports

The spring sports season is in full swing, but many recreational teams learned last weekend that Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate when game time rolls around.

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Referees prefer to go unnoticed but often prove to be MVPs

They get more grumbles from the sidelines than shots on goal, but when it comes to the game of soccer, the referee often plays one of the most important roles.

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Sunshine Kids help turn that frown upside down

Two years ago Noah Elliott learned he had osteosarcoma. The bone cancer eventually took his leg, but last week in Steamboat Springs, the young man from Missouri proved it didn't steal his smile or his enthusiasm for life.

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John F. Russell: Life lessons sometimes take a lifetime to understand

Sometimes in life the most important lessons take us years to fully grasp. Earlier this month I learned a former photojournalism professor had died and I realized the lessons he taught me so long ago are the ones that I use everyday of my life.