John Russell columns


John F. Russell: Times are tough for the US Nordic combined team, but coach isn't ready to throw in the towel

The U.S. Ski Team has pulled the plug on the Nordic combined team, but head coach Dave Jarrett isn't about to give up on this team, or the sport that he loves.

Tom Southall's story reflects the spirit of a true champion

Back in the late 1970s, a young athlete from Steamboat Springs set out to make his mark on the football fields, basketball courts and tracks of Northwest Colorado. By the time he graduated from high school, Tom Southall had changed the way people in Steamboat Springs, and Colorado, viewed those with disabilities.

John F. Russell: Track allows athletes to spring into spring

The impact of the all-weather track in Steamboat Springs has helped spring sports blossom.

John F. Russell: Alyessa proves that skiing is about smiles, not results

All it took was a couple of runs with Horizon's client Alyessa Yeagher to remind me what skiing was all about — the smiles.

John F. Russell: Christa's story should make us question the things that limit our lives

Last fall, Christa Metzler took a chance and approached Steamboat Springs Middle School cheerleading coach Summer McParland. What happened next is the kind of story that should inspire us all to take a chance.

John F. Russell: Alpine snowboarder's stories make them worth cheering for

Athletes stories, and their Olympic dreams is one of the reasons they are worth cheering for during the games.

John F. Russell: Olympic magic difficult to protect in age of information

Time difference makes it difficult to protect the magic, and excitement of the Olympic Games.

John F. Russell: The good and bad side of sports are what make the game so special

It would be great if we could just focus on the good side of sports. It would be great if there were never any losers, but in the end, the game just wouldn't be as much fun.

John F. Russell: Sochi Olympics shine light on what's important in sports

For many young athletes the road to Sochi marks the end of a journey, and the chance to tell their stories

John F. Russell: Chasing Olympic-sized goals while making a difference

Paris and Imogene McMahon are hoping to soar to the Olympic games someday, but until then they are setting their goals on helping others.

John F. Russell: Ski jumpers make sport look easy

Ski jumping is an everyday occurrence in Steamboat Springs, but incidents Friday reminded us all of the risks athletes face.

John F. Russell: Making lasting memories on the slopes of Steamboat Springs

Growing up in the shadows of Steamboat Ski Area ia a treat for children and an opportunity for Dad.

John F. Russell: Returning to Carl Ramunno's glory days

Not that long ago, wrestling was king in the Steamboat Spring gymnasium and around the state. A lot has changed since the sport's glory days, but today's athletes are keeping the sports image alive in our town.

John F. Russell: Always a Warrior

On Friday, news of a high school shooting rocked Colorado. In a state that has been plagued by shootings, this one hits way too close to home.

John F. Russell: Will Peyton Manning be a Bronco or always remain a Colt?

Thankfully for Broncos fans the choice is still a few years down the road, but I have to wonder if Peyton Manning will retire as a Bronco, or a Colt?