Joel Reichenberger columns


Joel Reichenberger: No small sports at Olympics, only small countries

At the Olympics, they have cheerleaders and a marching band for the halftime of speedskating events.

Joel Reichenberger: My Olympic Facebook faux pas

I’d never heard the term “fanned out." Unfortunately, as soon as I heard it, I knew I had once violated it.

Joel Reichenberger: In security and English, Sochi is trying

The first time I met Alex, the security guard posted at the door of our condo building, we exchanged names and a handshake, and as I walked away he hollered, calling me back. Very slowly, very deliberately, he added one final thing: “Hello. Good. Luck!”

Joel Reichenberger: It's about the games, not the gaffes

There's a communal spirit that defines these Olympics. We all feel part of them, and Friday night's opening ceremony celebrated that fact.

Joel Reichenberger: Busted on the Olympics' buses

The early story of these Olympics, aside from terrorism fears, has been the lack of preparedness at media hotels. It's the buses that have us talking.

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Joel Reichenberger: 'Thank you' a key phrase in journey to Sochi

The first Russian word I learned was “spasibo," and it was an important one.

Joel Reichenberger: Stories everywhere in high school offseason

The job may be easier when high school sports teams are in action, but there's always something refreshing about digging into the sporting personalities that define Steamboat Springs away from prep sports.

Joel Reichenberger: There are no walks in D League

There’s no walking in D League softball. It’s technically possible to walk, of course, but in the lowest rung of city softball, swinging the bat is simply the rule.

Joel Reichenberger: Rabbit Ears finish would show Steamboat at its best

A USA Pro Challenge finish atop Rabbit Ears Pass would do more for Steamboat than another admittedly thrilling downtown sprint.

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Joel Reichenberger: Photography in the thrill of the chase

The thrill of photography is often in the chase, no matter what the images will be used for.

Joel Reichenberger: Jersey purchases make for a dangerous game

Buying a replica jersey for your favorite player is tricky business, but if you insist, there are some rules to be followed.

Joel Reichenberger: Cycling events should be built to last

The fleeting success of one-off big cycling events in Steamboat Springs shouldn't be confused with Bike Town progress. Instead, the Steamboat Ski Area's opening weekend plans and August's Bike Week have more potential.

Joel Reichenberger: Questions remain, but biking projects belong in Steamboat

I spent a fair portion of the last month and a massive portion of the last two weeks digging into bicycling, Steamboat Springs and the way those two have and can interact for economic development. My conclusion is that this is complicated stuff.

Joel Reichenberger: Steamboat track coaches get creative to power team

Faced with a team that doesn't harbor much postseason hope, Steamboat Springs track coaches found a way to challenge their athletes.

Joel Reichenberger: Sports financing issues a headache

If there’s an easy solution to Steamboat Springs High School’s sports budget crises, no one around seems to be close to finding it.