Joel Reichenberger columns


Joel Reichenberger: Yes, we've been following the news

When you’re in a foreign country that’s careening toward war, you follow the news.

Joel Reichenberger: On home turf in Sochi

People always wonder why we’re here — at first, anyway. They’re surprised we sent one reporter and even more so that we sent two. In some sense, it seems important to the brand, the paper’s and Steamboat’s, to have Ski Town USA staff the Olympics. If you’d asked me in January before we left, I’d have said, “We can cover our local athletes better than anyone else.”

Joel Reichenberger: The best and worst of the Olympics

Our best event was the U.S. men's hockey game against Russia. Our best night out involved a member of the U.S. halfpipe snowboard team and the stupidest thing I did involved losing something important on the first day of the Olympics. Here's my list of the best and worst of covering the Olympics.

Joel Reichenberger: Saying my goodbyes to a great Olympics

After 18 days in Russia, things have finally started to make sense.

Joel Reichenberger: 2014 Games about hard work, not hardware for US Nordic combined team

The somber message that echoed Tuesday at a rainy RusSki Gorki Jumping complex in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia was that this was not 2010. That can be something to embrace.

Joel Reichenberger: Looking for the real Russia

Security guard Alex may be the best link to "real Russia" at the Olympics.

Joel Reichenberger: Saturday's game about hockey, not hate

Saturday was about pride, not spite, hockey not hate, and even after a great hockey game, the end a bitter pill for one nation, it was that peace that shone through.

Joel Reichenberger: Navigating nyet in Russia

Getting yelled at actually has helped me learn Russian. For instance, “NO! Against the rules!!” is Russian for “Ohhh, I apologize, fine sir. We really wish you wouldn’t do that”.?

Joel Reichenberger: Celebration postponed

Waking at 6 a.m. to watch a college basketball game may seem like a good idea sometimes, but 4 a.m. is not one of those times.

Joel Reichenberger: Bad results, not bad days, at Olympics

This is not what I expected, and I’m not talking about the lack of authentic Russian food in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, the weather so warm you barely need a coat or even the presence of Russian cheerleaders pom-poms and all — at many Olympic venues. I’m talking about the success of the United States athletes we’re here to cover.

Joel Reichenberger: I'll sleep in Steamboat

The Olympics is the event that doesn’t sleep, and I haven’t much, either.

Joel Reichenberger: No small sports at Olympics, only small countries

At the Olympics, they have cheerleaders and a marching band for the halftime of speedskating events.

Joel Reichenberger: My Olympic Facebook faux pas

I’d never heard the term “fanned out." Unfortunately, as soon as I heard it, I knew I had once violated it.

Joel Reichenberger: In security and English, Sochi is trying

The first time I met Alex, the security guard posted at the door of our condo building, we exchanged names and a handshake, and as I walked away he hollered, calling me back. Very slowly, very deliberately, he added one final thing: “Hello. Good. Luck!”

Joel Reichenberger: It's about the games, not the gaffes

There's a communal spirit that defines these Olympics. We all feel part of them, and Friday night's opening ceremony celebrated that fact.