Gardening columns


Deb Babcock: Call on a Master Gardener for help

If you visit the farmer’s market Saturdays or have gone on the Strings Garden Tour any of the past few years or read this column regularly, you’re probably aware that Routt County has a cadre of knowledgeable gardeners in our community who are here to share their expertise with local home gardeners.

Deb Babcock: Peace and serenity in a moonlight garden

When the sun goes down over the Sleeping Giant and the moon rises above Mount Werner, a certain serenity descends upon our valley.

Audrey Enever: Penstemons are American beauties

There’s one Routt County wildflower that deserves a place in every perennial garden — the beautiful Rocky Mountain Penstemon (Penstemon strictus).

Tease photo

Deb Babcock: Plants that soothe what ails you

Many current drugs that we know as conventional medicine originally were derived from plants.

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Deb Babcock: A profusion of color

The most beautiful profusion of wildflowers I have seen this spring so far was all along the Soda Creek Trail up on the road to Buffalo Pass last week.

Deb Babcock: A great shade-loving plant

Master Gardener Camille Fischer, who went through the county Extension’s Master Gardener program with me in 2000 and since has moved away, came to Steamboat from the same part of Michigan I did where we had mild temperatures, tons of humidity and rain … and hostas that grew to enormous sizes. She did some research on growing hostas in Routt County and shared her findings with us.

Deb Babcock: Gardening on a slope

If the slope in your garden rivals the pitch of a black diamond ski run, gardening on it can be a real challenge. Mulch and seeds don’t stay put, water immediately runs off, and getting into it for garden maintenance takes the skill of Spiderman.

Deb Babcock: Adding annuals to your garden

Now that we’re nearing our official planting date for Routt County gardens, many of us are searching for annuals to add instant color and interest to bare spots in the garden as well as on the porch, patio and deck.

Tracy and Chris Zuschlag: Timing, technique important for watering

It’s almost time to help Mother Nature in her endeavor to keep things green. Yes, I am talking about your irrigation system. If you are using an automatic system or dragging a hose around your yard, there are some pointers that can save you time, money and, most importantly, water.

Deb Babcock: Gardening for the birds

Many gardeners design their home landscapes specifically to attract certain birds. This is accomplished through plantings as well as birdhouses, birdfeeders and sources of water.

Deb Babcock: Controlling invasive weeds

Often, we gardeners call a weed anything that we don’t like in a location we planned for something else.

Deb Babcock: A great vine for all your senses

If you’re looking for a vine that will cover a fence, arbor, trellis or other support system, consider hops (Humulus lupulus). The hop plant vines grow fast reaching a height up to 25 feet by midsummer.

Jane McLeod: Ongoing care for hardy roses

Hardy rose plants awaken slowly from dormancy in our climate, and given the fickle nature of our weather, this is a good thing.

Deb Babock: Capturing the outdoors in ink

With such short, but spectacular, summers here in the mountains of Colorado, we need to make the most of the days we have in the garden. Perhaps one way we can extend our enjoyment of the plants we grow is to capture them in pencil and ink.

Deb Babcock: Good for your garden and town

If you’re at all like me, you didn’t get the garden fully cleaned up before the snow came last fall. That means when it melts, we’re going to have a bit of work to do before it looks presentable.