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Gardening with Deb Babcock: Itching to work in the garden?

With hints of spring in the air, many of us who enjoy gardening are itching to get out and start working in the garden. Should we? Not yet, unless you want to do a little clean up and pruning of trees that haven't leafed out yet. It's too early to start digging around in the soil.

Gardening with Deb Babcock: Currants a great garden shrub

If you’re looking for a great shrub for your Steamboat Springs area garden, look no further than Ribes spp, commonly called the currant bush.

Gardening with Deb Babcock: Moths in the house

I like to relax by reading in the evenings before going to bed, but some nights, I spend more time chasing down and swatting moths attracted to my reading lights. Is this happening at your home, too?

Gardening with Jane McLeod: In mint condition

Choosing culinary herbs for your garden is a pleasant task, and maybe becoming a connoisseur of mints would be a worthwhile undertaking some summer.

Gardening with Estella Heitman: Fall garden preparation

Whether you are interested in growing the best vegetables our Yampa Valley growing season allows, or whether your interest lies in ornamental flower beds, trees, and bushes, fall is the time to get ahead of the game for next year.

Gardening with Deb Babcock: Can we really grow pumpkins here?

Pumpkins are warm weather plants that grow best at elevations below 5,000 feet. They need a long growing season with warm and sunny days. However, you can extend our short growing season by starting seeds indoors.

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Jane McLeod: Borage will give character to garden

Instead of a flowering herb plant tucked into your garden that is princess pretty, how about one that is hairy and strange looking? One that has some character. Borage fits that description

Gardening with Deb Babcock: Use garden pesticides safely

The pesticides we use in our home gardens are designed to be specifically deadly to some pests, but improper use of the product can harm other creatures as well as the environment.

Gardening with Jane McLeod: Preparing hardy roses for winter

Preparing hardy roses for winter is not difficult. First and most importantly, put away the pruning shears. Then reduce watering to eventually nothing.

Deb Babcock: Selecting trees for your landscape

When selecting a tree for your Steamboat area yard or garden, there are several considerations to take into account for a successful experience.

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Deb Babcock: Monumental year for green gentian

Hikers and bikers traveling Routt County's trails and roadways this summer are commenting on the proliferation of green gentian (Frasera speciosa), also called Monument Plant or Deer's Ears. It's the largest gentian found in the Rocky Mountains and can be found in meadows and open areas.

Deb Babcock: Fall is the best time to plan a wildflower garden

Of area hiking trails, the one on Rabbit Ears Pass in July is the most colorful and diverse I've found in terms of the wildflowers that proliferate there. In a single field, you'll find spires of bright red Indian Paintbrush surrounded by the blues of lupine, yellows of sunflowers, white yarrow and delicate pink-veined Richardson's geranium.

Deb Babcock: Collecting, storing and planting a garden from seed

Propagating flowers and vegetables by seed is very satisfying as well as a great way to inexpensively fill in bare spots in your garden.

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Deb Babcock: An old-fashioned favorite — hollyhocks

An old-fashioned favorite, the large white, pink and purple funnel-shaped blooms of hollyhocks (alcea rosea, can be seen in gardens throughout Routt County this summer. Towering as high as 8 feet tall, these spires of crepe-like blooms can grow in most any soil, including our clay.

Gardening with Deb Babcock: Here we go again with grasshoppers

In areas around Elk Mountain, along Routt County Roads 44 and 129 and along Twentymile Road, the grasshopper infestation is as bad as I've seen it in my more than 13 years here.