Dog's Eye View columns


A Dog's Eye View: New Year's resolutions

A series of New Year's resolutions from the dog's point of view.

Dog's Eye View: What's behind door No. 2?

After a life enriched with outside activities and basking in the sun all summer long, our dogs can start feeling all pent up and bored, too.

A Dog's Eye View: What’s in your wallet?

The dog gear industry is booming, even in these difficult economic times. I’ve made a list of a few gift ideas for the family dog, or the family who has a dog.

Dog's Eye View: Christmas traditions in a dog and cat household

I’ll bet every dog- and cat-owning family has their special Christmas traditions. Our family did, and much of it revolved around sparing the beautiful heirloom ornaments on the tree, not to mention the tree itself.

Dog’s Eye View: Activities to keep your dog busy

Winter is beginning in our valley. For some us who aren’t conditioned for winter sports, it leaves us wishing for more activities to fill our time and keep from experiencing the winter doldrums. After a life enriched with outside activities and basking in the sun all summer long, our dogs can start feeling bored, too.

Dog’s Eye View: Unchain my heart

We’ve all seen dogs tied up in front of stores and restaurants downtown. They are tethered, and their owners are not there to intervene on their behalf.

Dog’s Eye View: Stop jumping on me!

You’ve tried turning away only to have him jump up and scratch your back or pounce on you while biting at your clothes or your hands, but have you been proactive by not giving attention to the jumping? Remember, attention still is attention, even if it’s negative.

Dog’s Eye View: Reinforcing good behavior

You’ve worked hard to teach your dog to greet people nicely at the door. No more paws on shoulders. No more shredded clothes. He’s sitting politely and waiting to be petted. Now, that job is over. Or is it?

Dog’s Eye View: Top 7 things humans do that annoy dogs

This column is a humorous approach to how our dogs might perceive some of our interactions with them.

Dog’s Eye View: Halloween from my dog’s perspective

Well, it’s upon us. Halloween might be a most confusing night for dogs. I can only imagine what is going through my dog Stuart’s mind.

A Dog’s Eye View: Consistency, clarity count in dog training

I had asked some visiting nieces to tell me about their dog, Buddy. They all agreed they loved him very much but said he was stubborn and not too smart. They said he didn’t respond very quickly to a couple of cues, namely “come” and “sit.”

A Dog’s Eye View: Inside voice please

Excessive barking is right at the top of the list of dog owner or dog neighbor complaints. It can cause great upheaval between neighbors or family members, and even law enforcement might become involved. Usually, when this happens, everyone has reached the limit of tolerance.

Dog's Eye View: No play pressure

Did you ever think about how much pressure a dog-loving society might be putting on the average dog owner? There seem to be specific expectations placed on dog owners that relate to dog social skills and play.

Dog’s Eye View: What's in a name?

In the initial teaching of the dog’s name (name recognition), owners should begin by offering a treat and praise each time the puppy turns to look in the direction of the person who said the sound of his name.

Dog’s Eye View: Love without knowledge

My friend often calls me with questions about problem behavior. For a long time, we seemed to play tug of war between the love she feels for the dogs and dealing with the behavior with which she was struggling.