Dog's Eye View columns


Dog's Eye View: You get what you pay for

We use food as a reward/reinforcer for behavior we want to see more of when we train dogs.

Dog's Eye View: My dog is friendly

Not all people are social butterflies. Not all dogs are social butterflies. Some people may prefer solitude or small groups of friends as do some dogs.

Dog's Eye View: Close encounters of the worst kind

This time of year with snow on the ground and sidewalks and trails narrowing to single file, the encounters between dogs and humans take on a new and frightening aspect.

Dog's Eye View: Life is good — update on Max

We love this little guy. He is a permanent part of our lives, and we are cruising along with minimal difficulties. I’ll share what I mean by minimal.

Dog's Eye View: Buddy, I need a sick day!

If I can only say one thing, it is “Train that puppy and keep that training in place for the foreseeable future.”

Dog's Eye View: Does this ring a bell?

Pavlov and prevention of separation disorders

In preventing and treating separation disorders between pets and owners, classical conditioning along with other methods can help to overcome or lesson the anxiety attached to being left alone.

Dog's Eye View: Socialization: Everybody knows about that, Part 2

We left off in Part 1 with a general overview of experiences that puppies have during the first 12 weeks of life. Within this period of time, there are important sub-plots.

Dog's Eye View: Taking the unplanned path

You see them all around town — people are out with their dogs, running, biking and visiting with friends. Your heart aches. You can’t take your dog out because he barks and lunges at other dogs and might start a fight. He’s your dog and you wish he was like those other dogs that get along. You can’t just give him up.

Dog's Eye View: Socialization: Everybody knows about that, Part 1

I’m so glad that dog owners are thinking about the importance of socializing their new puppy or adult dog. Here’s some specific information about socialization.

Dog's Eye View: Predatory drift

Reports about regional wild game attacks on humans and dogs this past summer brings up some interesting points. We live in a perfect habitat for wildlife encounters, and as human population grows, we realize that co-habitating is becoming increasingly problematic.

Dog's Eye View: Leash handling

All too often, once we have the dog on leash we stop communicating and let the leash do the “talking.” The problem is we haven’t actually taught the dog what the leash means. The dog usually finds out the hard way.

Dog's Eye View: What’s the function?

Every behavior has a function. Good behavior presented to us from our companion animals serves a function. If your dog lowers her head, flattens her ears and wags her whole body as well as her tail as she approaches us, we see this as an invitation to offer attention and give her rubs. Each time the dog offers this behavior, we offer attention. The same dynamic holds true for all living things.

Dog's Eye View: Puppies are for life, not just for Christmas

Most of the time the gift-giver has a heartfelt and emotional reason for this precious gift, or seeing the puppy in the pet store is just too much to resist. Sometimes the puppy is used as an expression of love and fulfilling a desire but no education has taken place to prepare the recipient.

Dog's Eye View: Please don’t leave me

In the first two articles on separation disorder, I touched on a little of the physiology behind it. This was followed by information on the breeders influence in neonatal development and the first steps in helping a young puppy learn to cope with short separation from littermates and Mom.

Dog's Eye View: Reasons to be thankful

I was thinking of the ways that dogs are giving us reasons to be thankful for the part they play in enriching our very existence. Doing research on this topic made me realize that I would have to write a book, so I’m touching on a few areas and leave some stories for future articles.