Dog's Eye View columns


Dog's Eye View: The payoff

When asked why he robbed banks, a notorious bank robber was often quoted as saying, “because that’s where the money is.” I happened to think of this while watching our neighbor’s cat walk up and down our driveway bordered by large rocks, hunting for field mice. He has come back every day with great hunting success. This location has become a big payoff place for him. It’s kind of his “mouse bank."

Dog's Eye View: Relevancy — What makes training work for you and your dog

I was at a dog obedience training seminar about thirty years ago that was presented by Milo Pearsall, an American Kennel Club obedience trial judge who also was a well known trainer and author.

Dog's Eye View: Reaching critical mass

Most of us are environmentally conscious. We recycle, leave no foot print when we camp, take our own bags to the grocery store and purchase environmentally friendly products. We work at respecting our Earth and preserving our planet for future generations.

Dog's Eye View: I have a dream

Do right by the dog you have now

So many people work tirelessly to find suitable homes for rescue or shelter dogs. As a trainer and behavior consultant, most of my work takes place once that animal is in a new home.

Dog's Eye View: Part 3 — Meet Maxwell SMART

House training an adult dog

This past weekend, I traveled to the Front Range for a nose work trial with my dog Skippy, but we’ll save this story for another day. Our trip was the first time Max and my husband had the house to themselves since Max came to live with us.

Dog's Eye View: Foreign exchange student

Have you ever considered hosting a foreign exchange student in your home for a year? If so, you kindly thought about what he or she would need to feel welcome and at ease the moment they walked through your door. I believe that bringing a dog into our home is very much the same situation. Here are some things I think are essential to help your new companion get a great start.

Dog's Eye View: Part 2 — Meet Maxwell SMART

Throughout the first week, we kept surveillance on Max and only allowed him out in a room if we were there to supervise. That way he couldn’t get away with finding a secret pee spot. He attempted to lift his leg on the stair banister one time but was caught right away.

Dog's Eye View: Part 1 — Meet Maxwell SMART

A personal story of adoption

Often when a new client calls, they have adopted a rescue dog. For the purpose of this article, I’ll categorize rescues as all dogs coming into families from rescue or shelters. The decision to adopt a dog and give him a new chance on life should never be taken lightly.

Dog's Eye View: 'I bought a trained dog'

Buying or adopting a “trained” dog in the hopes that all of the work is done for you is a nice idea. My experience sometimes tells a different story.

Dog's Eye View: My dog is dominant

Here’s a dictionary definition of dominant: to dominate is to influence, control or rule by superior power or authority; also to occupy the most prominent position in or over. The label “dominant” does not give us a clear description of what the dog does that make us think he is being dominant. Dominant says what the animal is (emotional) rather than what he does (behavioral).

Dog's Eye View: Show me the money!

Years ago, while my husband and I were visiting friends, something happened. Our friends were avid coin collectors and had amassed quite a large collection. They were showing us some of the rarer and more interesting coins and left them on a table when we went out for dinner. Upon returning, we found the coins scattered across the living room floor. Many were missing. Yes, the more valuable ones were among the missing.

Dog's Eye View: How clever is your dog?

This is the story of a horse called “Clever Hans" that took place in the early 1900s. Hans was owned by a retired mathematics instructor named Wilhelm von Osten. He lived in Berlin and was in his 60s at the time of this scenario.

Dog's Eye View: Can’t we all just get along?

Why doesn’t my dog like me? This question comes up from time to time when someone calls for help with their dog.

Dog's Eye View: Walking in a winter wonderland

The extreme cold spell we recently had really brought home the fact that it takes good clothing to handle being outdoors in below-zero weather. I’m happy that more information is becoming available about what life is like for the pets in our care during the winter months, too.

Dog's Eye View: Tethering — making the connection

When you first bring that cute little puppy home, he’s absolutely perfect. Then after just a short time, things start to unravel. He’s running all over the house. He’s not potty trained. He chews on anything. He barks and runs away and jumps on everybody and everything. Sound familiar?