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Dog's Eye View: Consistency, clarity count

I had asked some visiting nieces to tell me about their dog, Buddy. They all agreed they loved him very much but that he was stubborn and not too smart.

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Dog’s Eye View: To whom are you speaking?

It might be surprising to you many dogs have never been taught what it means when you say their name. We use so many different word sounds and clapping sounds in addition to what their “official” name is, it’s a wonder they really know their name at all.

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Dog's Eye View: Recipe has not changed

I’ve written and published more than once on this topic, and hopefully, this awareness is beginning to grow. The snow is melting in our parks and on our trails, creating a horrible, unsightly feces soup. All that snow drains into our beautiful Yampa River or soaks into the soil along walking paths and in our parks.

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Dog' Eye View: More feedback

In my experience, a wrong response is usually based on lack of understanding or lack of practice with positive and timely feedback.

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Dog’s Eye View: Feedback an important part of training

In family dog class and puppy class, one of the first things we teach is the importance of giving plenty of feedback to our canine buddies in the form of tasty treats delivered immediately after a behavior such as “sit” is accomplished.

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Dog’s Eye View: Best friends — loss and grief

The stages of grief are very distinct, regardless of whether it’s the loss of a person, a pet or possibly a catastrophic business loss.

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Dog’s Eye View: Stranger Danger! Understanding more about reactive or fearful dogs

The title above implies something we often mistakenly do when meeting dogs. We invade their space.

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Dog's Eye View: Just say 'no'

Just as you don’t feel comfortable with strangers getting in your face, teach your dog to show the same courtesy toward others.

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Dog's Eye View: One step at a time

We humans are pretty good at visualizing the end of a sequence when we want to accomplish a task. If we're knitting a sweater, we picture the end product. If we're building a house, we can see what it will look like when we're done. I think we tend to think our dogs can do this, as well.

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Dog's Eye View: 'Sirius' puppy training

I read a fascinating article in the Feb. 12 issue of the Craig Daily Press written by Professor Jimmy Westlake, who teaches astronomy and physics at Colorado Mountain College, Alpine Campus. The article is titled, “Behold the Dog Star.” Of course, the “dog” part of the title caught my attention, but there’s more to it than that.

Dog's Eye View: Moose on the loose

Let’s face it, Steamboat: Moose are here to stay, and dangerous interactions are now a reality year round. Last week, there was a frightening moose encounter on Spring Creek trail. Luckily nobody (human or dog) was injured. At Pet Kare Clinic this winter, we have already treated dogs injured by moose attacks.

Dog’s Eye View: Old habits difficult to break

Let’s take a look at habits from the dog’s eye view. Any behavior that is reinforced consistently becomes stronger.

Dog's Eye View: Man's best friend and science

There will soon be more information about how genetics is playing out in some of the breed-specific illnesses, such as cancer and blindness.

Dog’s Eye view: ABC primer, part 2

In my last article, titled “Working on Your ABCs,” I touched on the importance of starting training early in your relationship with your family dog and maintaining and adding to that training throughout your dogs’ life.

Dog's Eye View: Hands off!

Head Start Puppy Training class is underway, and we have some very nice youngsters attending, but this class has typical “mouthy” puppies. I don’t mean they are rude or talk back. They greet everyone with mouth open and teeth engaged.