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Community Agriculture Alliance: Fall is the best time to order seedling trees

The first hints of color are starting to show in the forests around Steamboat, and summer is coming to a close. But for private landowners, fall is a good time to think about the trees they may want to plant on their properties next spring.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Estate planning

Two things are sure in life: death and taxes. For family agriculture, one of these also has meant the other, and the idea of having to sell the farm or ranch to pay inheritance taxes is an unpalatable consequence of death.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Soil health

Soil health — you may have heard this latest descriptor and wondered what it is. Hopefully, by now you are aware that soil is not just dirt. It’s a complicated ecosystem that takes place beneath our feet to support the environment that we see above ground.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Sustainable agriculture is a year-round endeavor

This summer, I embarked on an adventure in sustainable agriculture. Colorado Mountain College’s Sustainability Studies program offered the course for the first time and, while it wasn’t a required course, I am so passionate about the topic that I jumped at the opportunity. Sustainable agriculture is crucial to the success of food sustainability and I was eager to get my hands dirty.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Water — where does it go from here?

The Yampa-White-Green Rivers Basin Roundtable gave preliminary approval to the first draft of their Basin Implementation Plan on July 23. The plan now will be submitted to the Colorado Water Conservation Board that will consolidate plans from the nine Colorado water basins and develop a State Water Plan to be delivered to the governor by December 2015.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Local farm to table dinner

While it still is summertime and only early August, we all know it will be over all too soon. Think ahead just a few weeks, and fall will be coming. Along with it comes a bounty of agriculture products in the Yampa Valley that will be at their peak in early September.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Hometown pride is county-wide at the 100th Routt County Fair

We’ve come a long way since 1914, and the Routt County Fair is an event where “hometown pride is county-wide!” With continued county support and literally tens of thousands of hours from dedicated volunteers, today’s Routt County Fair is held on the same tract of land as it was 100 years ago.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Wilderness opportunities abound in Routt National Forest

Wilderness: What does the word mean to you? Special emphasis is being directed to the term this year, as 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson signing into law the Wilderness Act.

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Community Agriculture Alliance: Make hay while the sun shines

There are thousands of acres of freshly cut hay fields and it seems like millions of bales covering them. I look forward to it every year.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Importance of a modern-day roundtable

Mention the name roundtable and most people think of King Arthur’s famed roundtable where he and his knights congregated in medieval times. But ever since 2005 with the legislative passing of the Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act, Northwest Colorado has had its own roundtable.

Community Agriculture Alliance: It's late, but not too late

Houndstongue, Cynoglossum officinale L., goes by other names, as well: houndstooth, dog’s tooth, dog’s tongue, dog bur, gypsy flower and rats and mice (because of the smell of the leaves). By whichever name, the plant is a highly invasive, toxic biennial.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Building the timeline of Routt County’s story

Every community has its own story — a story that begins with something significant and continues along a progressive timeline uniquely special to that community. At Historic Routt County, our goal is to help our special places talk, so they can breathe added life into Routt County’s distinctive and compelling story.

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Moots Ranch Rally combines biking with Routt County's ag roots

Moots is combining biking with Routt County's prominent agricultural heritage this Saturday with its first-ever Ranch Rally, a 50-mile non-competitve ride with proceeds benefiting the Community Agriculture Alliance.

Community Ag Alliance: If you want to get something done, enlist Routt County CattleWomen

One of the county's longest-running and consistently active nonprofit organizations is Routt County CattleWomen, a deep-rooted agricultural organization that supports the beef industry through education, outreach and marketing.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Community forestry in the Yampa Valley

Our Yampa Valley is blessed to have diverse forested systems along our streets and greenways, in our backyards and parks, along the Yampa River and all around us. We also have a strong community that cherishes those resources.