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This monthly column about health issues publishes on Mondays in the Steamboat Today.


Routt County CSU Extension: Spring clean your refrigerator

Consider spring cleaning your refrigerator this month. Not only will the fridge be spotless, but you will also be protecting your family from getting sick.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Fermentation shouldn't be scary

For many, fermentation represents the latest food trend, but it’s actually been going on for thousands of years in different cultures.

Routt County CSU Extension: When 'fresh' is hard to find

Some complain that they eat less produce during the winter months because fresh produce is hard to find or very expensive. Next time you go shopping consider canned or frozen produce as a convenient and less expensive alternative to well-traveled fresh produce.

Routt County CSU Extension: Weight loss for a lifetime

If you’re like me, you’ve already had your fill of advertisements for weight loss programs.

Routt County CSU Extension: Calorie labeling, coming to a menu near you

Valuable calorie information now is going to be available nationwide at a restaurant near you. New calorie labeling requirements were announced last month that will make calorie content in eating establishments easier to find. As part of the Affordable Care Act, some restaurants will be required to clearly post the calorie information for items on their menus, including alcohol.

Routt County CSU Extension: Food costs add up

Mountain living is expensive. That is the reality that we all face when we search for housing, fill our gas tank or shop for food. While I have always considered the beauty and lifestyle that we enjoy in our remote community as a form of “psychological income," it’s not the type of income that puts food on the table.

An apple a day…and make it a Granny Smith

For me, biting into a Granny Smith apple is like running into an old boyfriend, unpleasant at first, then achingly familiar and eventually pleasant.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Cook it in cast iron

I love sorting through kitchen gadgets at garage sales. As I rummage through boxes filled with mismatched pots and lids, what I am really looking for is cast iron. There is nothing better than a well-used cast-iron skillet or griddle for home cooking, and you never can have too many of them.

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Routt County CSU Extension: It’s about the whole diet, and not the occasional treat

How many calories are there in a funnel cake? I found myself wondering about this and many other nutrition questions while exploring the food vendors at this year’s Routt County Fair. I received a few nervous looks from those that know that I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, when they passed me carrying a dinner-sized plate of sugar covered, deep fried dough.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Home canning with confidence

It’s that time of the year when home canners call the Extension office for food preservation advice.

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CSU president meeting with Routt County commissioners, alumni

Colorado State University President Dr. Tony Frank is in Steamboat to meet with alumni and Routt County commissioners as part of his annual summer listening tour, covering topics such as University Extension and 4-H youth programs.

Routt County Commissioner Steve Ivancie: 'This ends up being a very expensive lesson'

Routt County Commissioner Tim Corrigan said he wanted to hear more about the newspaper’s motives in filing for the autopsy report to be unsealed under the Colorado Open Records Act.

Routt County CSU Extension: Summer grilling: Let's keep it safe

As the weather gets nicer, there’s nothing better than cranking up the grill for a casual get-together with friends or an easy meal after a long day at work. Whether you are using a campfire, gas or charcoal grill, cooking outdoors can get you out of that hot kitchen and enjoying the summer.

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Haslem's life in Colorado devoted to public service, with a touch of BS

Sam Haslem's business card reads simply: “My Card. I am somewhat of a (BS’er) myself, but occasionally I like to listen to a PROFESSIONAL. PLEASE CARRY ON!”

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Routt County CSU Extension: The most important nutrition lessons, I learned from my mom

I love food. It is with food that we can express our love, our culture and our creativity. We comfort one another with food, celebrate special occasions with food and share memories with food. Food