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This monthly column about health issues publishes on Mondays in the Steamboat Today.


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Routt County CSU Extension: Dark leafy greens — give them a try

We’re all just pretending to like kale, right?

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Routt County CSU Extension: The dating game

Understand what food label dates really mean

Confusion about food date labels is a growing problem as consumers have become more aware of food safety.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Entertaining guests with dietary restrictions, allergies

Hosting friends and family for a meal can be stressful enough, but what if your guests also have dietary restrictions to consider?

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Routt County CSU Extension: Mapping the Yampa Valley food system

Without the help of a guide or map, it is easy to lose one's way. With this in mind, the Northwest Colorado Food Coalition is developing a map of the Yampa Valley food system

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Routt County CSU Extension: Pulses are good for you — but what are they?

The United Nations declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses to increase awareness of the nutritional benefits and sustainability of growing and eating dry peas, lentils, dry beans and chickpeas — otherwise known as pulses.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Is too much produce a good thing?

Some call it “crisper remorse” — that guilty feeling you get when you have to throw away spoiled produce. It’s frustrating to realize the produce you have purchased at the farmers market or received from your CSA share has taken on a life of its own in the back of your refrigerator.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Sugar sleuths will like new labels

Understanding the sugar content of your food is about to get easier. The Food and Drug Administration recently announced that, among the many changes to their revised nutrition label, foods will now have an extra line to show how much “added sugar” has been added to the product.

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Master gardener recommends mixture of vermiculite, blended compost and peat moss

Salad bowl garden

Steamboat’s growing season of 39 frost-free days, combined with clay soils and desiccating winds, presents its own set of problems for gardeners.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Eating for gut health

We have always known that the digestive tract is home to a world of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Only in the past few years did we fully appreciate the role this invisible population, also known as the gut microbiome, plays in our digestion and health.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Give breakfast a protein bump

If your goal is to achieve a healthy weight, build muscle and not feel hungry while you do it, I have a plan for you. Recent research has shown that increasing your morning protein intake could be the answer.

Routt County CSU Extension: Dark chocolate — healthy pleasure for Valentine's Day

Chocolate as a health food may seem like wishful thinking, especially around Valentine’s Day, when chocolate is everywhere. Believe it or not, some research supports the idea that chocolate provides health benefits.

Routt County CSU Extension: The best weight management strategy — record your food

There is one winning weight management strategy upon which most experts agree — record everything you eat and drink.

Routt County CSU Extension: Time for Colorado green chilies

As our seasons shift and nighttime temperatures cool, green chilies heat up local menus and roadside stands. Green chilies are a hot commodity in Colorado, because they contribute unrivaled character to cuisines, making them a mountain town mainstay this time of year.

Routt County CSU Extension: Is organic produce worth the price?

In the produce department, I am often faced with quandary: Should I spring for the organic or save some money and buy the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables?

Routt County CSU Extension: Garden herbs give lift to recipes

Homegrown herbs add healthful zest to a variety of recipes.