Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Celebrate National Health Center Week 2014

The Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association’s Community Health Center is recognizing National Health Center Week 2014 from Aug. 10 to 16. CHCs all across the United States are nonprofit health care providers with a mission to provide comprehensive primary health care you can trust.

Monday Medical: Concussion tools help recovery

Ryan McConnell, 23, would like nothing more than to ski this coming winter and do other activities he enjoyed before his accident. Five months ago, McConnell fell 100 feet while hiking near Moab, Utah. His injures included a traumatic brain injury, which affected his cognitive skills, speech and other brain functions.

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Book Review: 2 books worth picking up

Dagny McKinley, of Off the Beaten Path Bookstore and a local author, reviews "Natchez Burning" and "Point of Direction".

John F. Russell: Looking up to a Catfish

Jim "Catfish" Hunter was a star on the baseball mound in the 1970s. His actions on the field earned him a perfect game and a place in the Hall of Fame. But what he did off the field inspired those with diabetes to pursue their dreams and to reach for the stars.

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Eugene Buchanan: Alaskan music festival bears resemblance to home

Sometimes when you travel you can’t help but think about home. That was the case for me recently when attending the three-day-long Salmonstock Festival in Ninilchik, Alaska, with my in-laws. Billed as “three days of fish and music” and benefiting efforts to protect salmon from such threats as the proposed Pebble Mine, the event resembled our free concert series here in Steamboat.

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The Bock’s Office: Joy level of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is out of this world

In a business where bigger isn’t always better, it’s good to see a movie like “Guardians of the Galaxy” that’s huge in every way but still dares to be small where it counts. And, not just in having a trigger-happy star that’s only two feet tall.

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Learning to Ride: Progressing in the park

Steamboat Bike Park instructor Tim Price leads Nicole Miller through a banked turn on Rustler Ridge, a blue downhill trail in the Steamboat Bike Park.

Dog's Eye View: Live long and vegetate?

The saying, “A tired dog is a well-behaved dog,” addresses an important aspect of daily exercise. But it seems we are only appreciating a small part of the capability of our dog’s brains. Dogs are ready and able to interact with us in so many ways. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Local farm to table dinner

While it still is summertime and only early August, we all know it will be over all too soon. Think ahead just a few weeks, and fall will be coming. Along with it comes a bounty of agriculture products in the Yampa Valley that will be at their peak in early September.

Gardening with Deb Babcock: Do something good for your garden, your pocketbook and for Steamboat

Now that many of our spring and early summer flowers are finished blooming, it's time to clean up around those beds by deadheading spent blooms (unless you want them to reseed your garden in places) and removing dead foliage.

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Spoke Talk: Steamboat Bike Park launches new tricks

Steamboat Bike Park, now in its second year, continues to grow in popularity and in trails. The resort’s dedicated trail and bike crew, headed by pro-rider Trevyn Newpher, always are looking for new ways to introduce and progress riders in the park.

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Jimmy Westlake: Super moon to stifle meteor shower

Instead of writing about the upcoming Perseid meteor shower, I'll tell you about that big, bright, full moon that will be drowning out the meteor shower. The second full moon of summer is sometimes called the Green Corn moon. It so happens that this year’s Green Corn moon will also be a so-called “super moon.”

Thoughtful Parenting: Summertime parenting

As parents, we experience so many different stages in parenting children. There are likely mixed reviews on which stage is easier then another. One thing is certain, parenting a teenager comes with a set of challenges that can be heightened during the summer months.

LiveWell Northwest Colorado: Go, Slow, Whoa

Should I use butter? Eat only lean meat? Add olive oil to veggies? There is so much information about making healthy food choices that it can be overwhelming.

Healthy Eating: Gazpacho

A great recipe for these warm summer days.