Monday Medical: Kids and ticks — staying safe all summer long

Ticks can be as tiny as a poppy seed or as large as an apple seed and are predominately found in eastern, western and Midwestern states. But Coloradans are not immune.

Thoughtful Parenting: Getting to know Dad

Fathers who are positively engaged in the lives of their children can enhance their children’s success in the areas of social skills, mental health and academic performance.

John F. Russell: Dingle has played hockey across the world, still considers Steamboat Springs home

Professional hockey player Ryan Dingle has moved to places around the world to pursue his love of the game, but that hasn't stopped him from realizing that home will always be tucked away in the mountains of Northwest Colorado in a place known as Ski Town USA.

Community Connections: Preparing for crises

In the midst of a crisis, no matter how prepared or competent we thought we were, many of us discover the crisis we face has overwhelmed our resources and left us grasping for a way out.

Book review: "The Animals," by Christian Keifer

Christian Kiefer’s second novel, “The Animals,” is the startling story of Bill Reed, a humble man who lives a humble existence in the untamed wilderness of northern Idaho.

Dog's Eye View: Independent thinking in dogs

In multiple dog families — like multiple child families — each member should find their own place.

Community Ag Alliance: Moots Colorado Ranch Rally ready to hit the road

Moots Colorado Ranch Rally once again supports community agriculture.

Gardening with Deb: Botanic Park a wonderful resource

Botanic Park is a tremendous asset to our community.

Spoke Talk: Trail work season has begun

Routt County Riders is kicking off trail work season.

Tease photo

Celestial News: Libra, the misfit constellation

A closer look at the zodiac, or "the circle of animals," shows Libra the Scales is a misfit.

Routt County CSU Extension: Garden herbs give lift to recipes

Homegrown herbs add healthful zest to a variety of recipes.

Thoughtful Parenting: Protecting your high school graduate

Simple steps can help protect your graduate after he or she leaves the nest.

Our view: Proud to be part of Ski Town USA

Thanks to the generosity of local donors, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club is set to thrive for years to come

Book review: "The Tusk That Did The Damage," by Tania James

"The Tusk That Did The Damage," by Tania James, is an interesting, heartbreaking look at the motivations behind animal poaching and the high price it sometimes demands.

John F. Russell: The garage sale can wait, I still want to play games

I should give up the game of softball, but what fun would that be.