Community Agriculture Alliance: The how, where and why to buying local

Interested in local food and products, but not sure where to find them? Here are some easy answers.

Ciao from Cortina: Learning Italian

When we’re back in Steamboat Springs for the summer, the question I dread the most is, “How’s your Italian coming?” The truth is this: My Italian is terrible. And now that this is our fourth year in Italy, it’s getting embarrassing.

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Tales from the Tread: Emma Hull Peck was a Routt County pioneer in education

Emma Hull Peck was a significant leader in the development of the early Routt County schools serving as a teacher and/or school superintendent between 1892 and 1926. The following first person narrative was translated from research in the Tread of Pioneers Museum Archive.

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Jimmy Westlake: See autumn’s trio of triangles

Nestled in between the constellations of Andromeda, Perseus and Pisces is a delightful little trio of stellar triangles, visible on crisp November evenings. Each triangle has an interesting history, all its own.

Thoughtful Parenting: Stressed-out teens

One College Health survey reported that 94 percent of students chose “overwhelmed” as the word that would best describe their lives. In the most recent “Stress in America” survey by the American Psychological Association, more than 25 percent of teenagers surveyed said that they feel “extreme levels of stress” during the school year.

Monday Medical: YVMC prepared for Ebola

Prominent signs posted at Yampa Valley Medical Center ask visitors to report if they recently have traveled to West Africa. The question is repeated by staff admitting patients to the hospital.

LiveWell Northwest Colorado: Make your lunch a GO!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but lunch comes in as a close second. Recent national surveys show that only a third of American workers say that they take a lunch break. Sixty-five percent of those that do take a lunch break eat at their desk. Eating a well-balanced GO lunch helps you to be more alert and increases productivity.

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Book Review: 2 books for middle grade readers

Finding unique and engaging books for middle grade readers — those third- to seventh-graders — can be a challenge. This week, I bring you two books I think children will find they have to finish, and the reading will open their eyes to the lives of children in two very different periods of American history.

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The Bock’s Office: Halloween movies take all forms

Another October, another selection of horror-centric movies released in theaters. This year is no exception, whether your tastes lie with the extremely abject — in which case, be sure to check out Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” — the sensation of a good old-fashioned seance — “Ouija” — or something that is only slightly in the neighborhood of the holiday like the dramedy “The Skeleton Twins.” Here’s an assessment of some of the latest appropriate offerings.

Dog's Eye View: The crow in the cartoon

In the Oct. 5 issue of the Denver Post’s cartoon section, I found a little gem that spoke eloquently to one premise of understanding dog behavior; the importance of looking at the environment surrounding a specific behavior.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Rethinking grazing

In the '50s and '60s, there was a real movement to remove grazing as a use for public lands here in the West because it was thought that grazing was responsible for all sorts of ecological ills such as erosion and endangering species. In the past, the solution was to remove all human activity from the land. However, the results were not what was expected.

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Holiday crafts fair to be held at the Yampa Valley Regional Airport

With more vendors than any previous year, the 4th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair will take place this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Yampa Valley Regional Airport.

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Jimmy Westlake: Watch for Halloween fireballs

Don’t be surprised if you see a blazing fireball or two streaking across the heavens while you are out trick-or-treating this Halloween season. There’s no reason for alarm. It’s just the annual Taurid meteor showers reaching their peak of activity.

Focus on Fitness: Get back to the gym

So it’s been four months or more since you’ve worked out, and you’re struggling to begin again. Sound familiar? Starting small, making it fun and leaning on people and resources around you can help you get back to it.

Thoughtful Parenting: Raising awareness about drug prevention

Red Ribbon Week brings communities together to take a visible stand against drugs, and this year the weeklong event runs from Oct. 23 to 31. The Red Ribbon Week Campaign is sponsored by the National Family Partnership that helps communities across the country promote healthy drug-free lifestyles for children and families.