Focus on Fitness: Combating winter ailments with exercise

So, how do you jump back on the fitness bandwagon if you’ve been out of routine this winter?

Monday Medical: Building better bones

In a place like Steamboat, where active lifestyles are common, it’s important to build and maintain healthy bones — especially for women.

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Daffodils brighten lives in many ways

Daffodils for Hospice, a mainstay of spring in the Yampa Valley, raises funds for the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association’s Hospice and Palliative Care program, which has cared for and comforted terminally ill and injured patients and their families for more than 20 years.

Thoughtful Parenting: Self-compassion

Self-compassion is about reframing our imperfections as part of being human, not a unique flaw that only you have. It’s about treating ourselves kindly, rather than releasing the harsh inner critic to do as it pleases.

Community Connections: REPS aims to eliminate suicide in Northwest Colorado

Reaching Everyone Preventing Suicide seeks to preserve, protect and promote life by providing the Yampa Valley with a group of trained volunteers, collaborative initiatives, educational programs, compassionate survivor-care and proactive suicide prevention efforts

Book review: Reporter reveals secret lives of Afghan women

Through extensive in-depth reporting and first-person interviews, Jenny Nordberg uncovers the bacha posh (literally translated as “dressed up like a boy” in Dari) the practice of temporarily raising a young girl as a boy until she reaches adulthood.

Community Ag Alliance: Ranching and forestry is a sustainable partnership

Today’s ranchers may be managing a portfolio of assets as diverse as any Wall Street fund, but this portfolio is composed of a wide variety of natural resources and their income-producing activities. Forests are often part of these assets.

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John F. Russell: Nothing stereotypical about this boarder

Twenty years ago Hal Fischel decided he wanted to try something different. So he turned in his skis for a snowboard and has never looked back.

Celestial News: The dippers of spring

The seven bright stars that form the Big Dipper shine prominently above the northeastern horizon as darkness falls in March. It looks as if the Big Dipper is balancing precariously on its bent handle.

Ciao from Cortina: Magnetic Italy

If you ask someone to describe Italy in one word, they might say beautiful! Romantic! Delicious! But Italy can also be frustrating, confusing and nonsensical. For Sophie Dingle, Italy is all these things but mostly magnetic.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Fermentation shouldn't be scary

For many, fermentation represents the latest food trend, but it’s actually been going on for thousands of years in different cultures.

Monday Medical: Carbohydrates: A conversation about health

Carbohydrates. Are they good for me? Do they make me fat? What foods contain them?

Thoughtful Parenting: Participating in a service learning program

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps operates the Service Learning Corps, a summer program where youth have an opportunity to give back to the community that nurtures them.

John F. Russell: Remembering that the game is about more than the score

There was a time when pickup basketball games were found in the driveways of every neighborhood. Looking back I realize that those games meant about a lot more than the final score.

Book review: Suspense novels promise to thrill

"The Paying Guests" and "The Girl on the Train" are two suspense novels that will keep readers up through the night.