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Tales from the Tread: History with the locals

The Tread of Pioneers Museum’s 2014 Brown Bag Summer Lecture Series is up and running and is sure to deepen your love of Routt County.

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Spoke Talk: Parks for the bikes

Steamboat has a bounty of community parks. We have parks just for ball players, parks especially for dogs, parks with playgrounds for kids, a botanic park for nature lovers…and we have parks for our bikes.

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Jimmy Westlake: Dark clouds on the horizon

If the night sky is dark and clear, you also can detect a network of dark clouds and tendrils meandering through the bright star clouds of the Milky Way. These dark patches are vast interstellar dust clouds thousands of light years away that gather in the space between the stars and effectively obscure the light of the distant stars behind them.

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Strings Music Festival: The secret to a great performance

The secret to a great performance is a great audience. Of course, it’s not a guarantee, and the building blocks have to be there to start with — fantastic musicians, good sound in the hall, dynamic lighting. But the audience can raise the bar from good to great.

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Routt County CSU Extension: Home canning with confidence

It’s that time of the year when home canners call the Extension office for food preservation advice.

Monday Medical: Thinking outside the 'wheat box'

Are you confused about whole grains? A trip to the bread aisle of any grocery store may cause confusion in anyone — with so many labels shouting “whole grain” or “gluten free.” What does “whole grain” mean? What is gluten?

Healthy Eating: On-the-Run Omelet Sandwiches

These omelet sandwiches make a fast breakfast.

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Book Review: Check out these books by 2 others that will make their way to Steamboat

Here are two books by authors that will make their way to Steamboat sometime this year.

John F. Russell: Making today's news, writing Steamboat's legacy

Big stories and everyday events come together in the pages of the Today to help tell Steamboat Springs story.

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Eugene Buchanan: A Colorado moment

We’ve all had those times when something Colorado-ish just clicks — a moonrise over the aspen, a rainbow framing a deer, a trout rise in the early morning mist. My mile-high moment came last weekend, when even the good lord above would’ve had a hard time scripting a more scenic scenario from our 38th state.

Thinking About Health: Quiz — Will next year's insurance rates go up or down?

It’s now the silly season for insurance rates with government agencies, consulting groups and the media all speculating about next year’s premiums. Will your insurance premiums go up or down this fall? Never before have I seen such intense interest in insurance rates, which editors have usually considered a snoozer of a story.

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Museum of Northwest Colorado: ‘Dinkys’ handled a big coal job

Coal production today in the Yampa Valley is carried out with oversized equipment that staggers the mind with its immensity. Colowyo Coal Company south of Craig has huge haul trucks that dwarf the drivers and carry tons of coal in a single load.

Rob Douglas: Journalists to Obama: ‘Stop the spin’

On Tuesday, as President Barack Obama winged his way to Colorado to hold a fundraiser for Sen. Mark Udall who was — wink, wink — too “busy” in Washington, D.C., to attend, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Colorado Press Women and 36 other journalism groups sent a letter to Obama castigating his administration for being a major source of the national frustration that is “breeding cynicism about democratic government.”

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Mackenzie Yelvington: An inspirational view from a hot air balloon

I've been living in and loving Steamboat Springs or a year now, and it's been amazing. I've met some of the best people, done things I've never tried and gotten better at things I've done minimally prior to moving here (because Steamboat encourages that "get out and do it" mentality).

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Tammy’ is a road movie that misses its exit

The underlying theme of most films that take place behind the wheel is that the destination is less important than the personal journey people embark on while getting there. If that’s so, what are we to make of a movie such as “Tammy,” where it seems the parking brake is stuck for most of the action?