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Book Review: 'High Divide' a beautiful historical fiction

"The High Divide" tells the story of an American family and the rift — or divide — that threatens to break their bonds, and their lives.

Community Connections: Children exposed to domestic violence

The following story was told to me by a very special woman who wanted to share the pain as well as the healing that came from witnessing domestic violence as a child:

John F. Russell: Never losing sight of what's important

The important place the Howelsen Hill holds in Steamboat Springs can get lost when you start looking at budgets, the cost of improvements and how to make the ski area profitable.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Succession planning

The statistics are frightening around the success of transitioning businesses. Today there are 12 million small businesses in America.

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The Bock’s Office: What tops the list for 2014?

Each year I compile a top 10 list of the best films of the past 12 months, and each year it feels incomplete because of the near-impossibility of viewing every single movie to determine the hidden gems or deciding if the big releases are worth the hype. Either way, here is my countdown of my selections for the features I was able to watch that had the biggest effect on me.

Jim Clark: Steamboat Chamber CEO starts column with newspaper

During the next several months, I will be writing to you through this column about a variety of topics — some will be issues that are important in our community. This space also will be used to give you some information about the things we work on here at the Chamber.

Ciao from Cortina: The learning curve

The most important thing I learned over the years was how to live like an Italian. Yes, this meant eating pasta for lunch, walking everywhere, driving like a crazy person and having five espressos a day. But it also meant adjusting to everyday tasks that were now so different.

Jimmy Westlake: The Evening Star returns

Have you seen it yet? The planet Venus has come out of hiding from behind the sun and has entered our evening sky for a seven-month run as our lovely Evening Star.

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Eugene Buchanan: A ride with Ray

If ever there was a stand-in for the famed mountain man, who actually trapped just north of here, it’s fourth-generation Steamboat Ray Heid, who runs Del’s Triangle 3 Ranch outside Clark.

Thoughtful Parenting: Nurturing fathers

A growing body of research shows that children with two involved parents demonstrate lowered rates of juvenile delinquency and improved mental health, self-esteem and academic success.

Routt County CSU Extension: Weight loss for a lifetime

If you’re like me, you’ve already had your fill of advertisements for weight loss programs.

Focus on Fitness: Balance in the water

The second pillar of swimming is balancing on top of the water with minimal effort. If you can do this well, almost all of the energy expended by your arms and legs propels you forward through the water.

Monday Medical: Birth simulator

To enhance the well-being and safety of future patients, health care professionals at YVMC are about to be introduced to some remarkable new training technology.

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2015: A year of meteors, eclipses and dwarf planets

There is something exciting happening in the sky almost every night of the year if you know when and where to look. Jimmy Westlake has sifted through all of the 2015 celestial events and selected the 10 he is most excited about.

Jimmy Westlake’s 2015 cosmic calendar of celestial events

Jimmy Westlake’s 2015 cosmic calendar of celestial events