Community Connections: Support for Integrated Community

Integrated Community started around 2004 at a local bookstore, and at that time, it was actually the only place in town Spanish-speakers could communicate. Since then, our town has continued to grow and change, and this flexible non-profit has grown and changed with it. Last year, Integrated Community served 753 clients from 24 different countries.

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Colbert: The loneliness of snowboarding

In many ways, snowboarding is a lonely sport. This is especially true when you are a beginner.

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Festival of Trees event to kickoff the holidays

It's that time of year again; the Tread of Pioneers Museum's annual Festival of Trees fundraiser event gets underway today.

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Artists find inspiration in the Yampa Valley for their unique art work

Steamboat Springs artists find passion, inspiration, techniques in myriad places.

John F. Russell: Finding well-rounded athletes means looking beyond the field

It's easy to defined them by the sport they play, but athletes in Routt County are constantly reminding us that their's more to a book than just the cover.

Dog's Eye View: A once in a lifetime dog

Having a “once in a lifetime” doesn’t mean that no work is involved or that no effort has to be put forth.

Community Ag Alliance: Cultivating the torchbearers

Last year, on a visit to Denver, a conversation ensued with a friend about the emerging Northwest Colorado Cultural Heritage Program. After listening to the description of the program, she responded, “Oh, you are cultivating the torchbearers.” Until that moment, such a poignant description of the program had not been expressed. And it continues to resonate today.

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The Bock’s Office: Good grief — ‘Peanuts’ revamp is great!

At this point, we’re not unfamiliar with a world where a doghouse doubles as a Sopwith Camel, all adults sound like a trombone solo and no one questions why a child is almost completely bald. Still, a return to one of the most beloved series of the last 60 years feels like visiting old friends and finding a new reason to love them in “The Peanuts Movie.”

Harriet Freiberger: 'Thank you' is not enough

An op-ed written by longtime North Routt resident Harriet Freiberger in honor of Veterans Day.

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Jimmy Westlake: Go fishing for Pisces this month

The patch of the sky that appears overhead about 8 p.m. in early November is informally known as the “Celestial Sea.” That’s because it is home to all sorts of watery constellations, including the Dolphin, the Sea Goat, the Whale, the River, the Water Carrier and the Southern Fish, just to name a few.

Thoughtful Parenting: Be an All Pro Dad

Spending quality time with your children tells them they are valued, leads to more closeness, creates special memories, develops better trust and communication and results in an overall stronger lifetime relationship between you and your child.

Book reviews: Novels take intriguing views of life

In the opening pages of "Fishbowl." we meet Ian, who has just embarked on the journey of his life. Unfortunately for Ian, his journey is a plunge from the 27th story balcony of his apartment in the Seville on Roxy.

Audrey Danner: Stronger together

We are stronger together. I know this to be true. So to see unity toward a common goal earlier this week in Craig was even more reassurance in Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership’s vision for our community’s future.

Dog's Eye View: You had me at "woof"

An understanding of the ancient history of where dogs came from is important, but it’s really more about how humans genetically influenced the different breeds to perform specific tasks.

Community Ag Alliance: Be a Yamapvore — shop local

What is a Yampavore? A person who eats, drinks, consumes and uses locally grown food and products from the Yampa Valley. Join the Yampavore movement, and buy local food and products.