Jimmy Westlake: History of Groundhog Day

Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day, marking the midpoint of winter. The tradition of this unusual holiday can be traced back for many centuries, though not in the same form we celebrate today.

LiveWell Northwest Colorado: Kids' questions about hydration

In response to a recent study, which revealed that 84 percent of children start the school day in a state of mild dehydration, as well as local anecdotal evidence supporting this statistic, wellness efforts in the Hayden and South Routt School Districts have included a focus on hydration.0

Thoughtful Parenting: Do as I say, not as I do

The discovery that our brains contain “mirror neurons” is relatively new in the field of neuropsychology. How, you might ask, does that have anything to do with positive parenting? The answer is that mirror neurons assist hugely in the development of empathy and attunement in very young children and older humans, as well.

Monday Medical: Watch your back

Back injuries can happen any time of year, but with slippery ice and mounds of snow to shovel, winter poses extra risks to the back. Most people experience back pain sometime during their life, and according to the Mayo Clinic, back pain is one of the most common reasons people end up at the doctor’s office or miss work.

Book review: 'Quick success' translates to "determination, hard work'

Since I last wrote a Sunday book review, I decided to broaden my horizons and try a few books I would not normally read. One day, while shelving, “The Only Pirate at the Party” sprang from the bin and into my hands. I noticed the book because of the catchy cover and because it is written by one of my favorite musicians, Lindsey Stirling, and co-authored by her sister, Brooke Passey.

Melanie Sturm: Trump, Sanders and Rorschach elections

“All the great inspiring leaders and organizations … think, act and communicate the exact same way … opposite to everyone else,” Simon Sinek revealed in his famous TED talk. They “start with why they do what they do.” Consider how these transformational whys moved masses to Think Again

Dog’s Eye view: ABC primer, part 2

In my last article, titled “Working on Your ABCs,” I touched on the importance of starting training early in your relationship with your family dog and maintaining and adding to that training throughout your dogs’ life.

From the editor: National crisis hits home

If nothing else, I hope the article serves to educate people about the dangers of prescription painkillers and the fact that these legally prescribed drugs are highly addictive.

Community Ag Alliance: You are what you eat, so eat local

If you are what you eat, why not be a true local and eat local food?

Bill Johnson's bittersweet story helped give American skiing a little swagger

Bill Johnson ignited America's interest in downhill skiing back in the 1980s. it was a love-hate relationship, but in the end, no one can deny Johnson's impact on the sport and his place in its story.

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Jimmy Westlake: Parade of planets begins this week

The parade of planets begins in earnest at 6 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27, when the waning gibbous moon appears right beside dazzling Jupiter, high in the southwestern sky.

Monday Medical: Bright, new space for top-of-the-line care for women

With bright, airy rooms, easy access and lots of space, YampaCare For Women’s new office will benefit patients and doctors alike.

Thoughtful Parenting: Resource for Routt County families with children

As a parent or caregiver, it can be challenging to find or know about all of the resources available for your child.

Book review: 'No Baggage' a remarkable debut memoir

Clara Bensen’s debut memoir, “No Baggage: A Minimalist Tale of Love and Wandering,” presents a remarkable true story that seems made for fiction.

U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton: Turning the lights out on affordable energy

I recently attended my sixth State of the Union Address as a Member of Congress. I was hoping this year, in the President’s final address, to hear him speak of some opportunities for us to work together to address issues that truly affect Colorado and the rest of the country. He did speak to overreaching regulations, which we agree on. However, the majority of his speech was more ideologically driven rhetoric that has regrettably defined the President’s go-it-alone approach.