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The Bock’s Office: ‘The Judge’ can be a bit of a trial to watch

The last thing legal counsel wants is to handle the case of someone who shares their surname. The only thing worse is someone who insists on backseat lawyering, something that happens, but isn’t as funny as it sounds, in “The Judge.”

Dog's Eye View: Pets, passion and purpose

We all (and that includes you) lost a shining star in the world of animal behavior on Sept. 29. Dr. Sophia Yin's star fell way too soon from the galaxy made up of so many other dedicated and knowledgeable veterinarians, animal behaviorists, consultants and trainers.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Sustainable agriculture products on the Routt National Forest

Events such as the recent Garden-to-Table dinner in Steamboat Springs highlight sustainable agriculture and show the local communities’ commitment toward supporting efforts taking place at the gardens of Yampatika’s Legacy Ranch and Colorado Mountain College’s sustainable studies and culinary management programs.

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Eugene Buchanan: An 'adventure' walk in the desert

The storms hurtle by, missing us by mere miles. Rain streaks come between us and Porcupine Rim to the south, while another burst blows by to the north. Had we been in Moab mountain biking as usual, we’d fear mud, a douching and perhaps a case of squeaky brakes.

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Jimmy Westlake: New comet to buzz Mars on Sunday

Mars and Comet Siding Spring will be about 1.6 astronomical units from the Earth (about 150 million miles) at the time of closest approach, around midday Sunday. Amateur astronomers with telescopes 8 inches in diameter or larger might be able to view the very faint comet and Mars together, side by side, in their telescope that night and the night before closest approach.

Thoughtful Parenting: 1-stop shopping can make your life easier

Parents always are looking for ways to help guarantee their children are set up for success. But if you’re like countless other parents, you may not always have the time, especially when it comes to knowing and understanding all the programs and services that exist in our communities.

An apple a day…and make it a Granny Smith

For me, biting into a Granny Smith apple is like running into an old boyfriend, unpleasant at first, then achingly familiar and eventually pleasant.

Monday Medical: Talk highlights cancer-preventing foods

A real food presentation at Yampa Valley Medical Center on Wednesday will help provide a big-picture view of how a whole-food, plant-based diet improves health and reduces cancer risk.

John F. Russell: Steve Dodson leaves behind a love for the game of golf

This week, longtime Steamboat Springs High School golf coach Steve Dodson announced that he will not be coming back for the 2015 season. But after 11 years as the team's head coach, Dodson leaves behind a legacy of success.

Book review: 'Ramona' is curator's treasure

It’s rare when a book crosses my path that feels like a precious historical discovery. Helen Hunt Jackson’s "Ramona," first published in 1884, is just such a book.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Local food the highlight at 2014 Soup Bowl Supper

During the past several years, there has been a growing international trend in the demand for local foods. The Yampa Valley has a long history of agriculture, and the local food trend has noticeably spiked here, as well.

Gardening with Deb Babcock: Growing plants without soil

Growing plants hydroponically avoids one of the biggest problems with indoor plants: over-watering or forgetting to water and then drowning our plants when they start to wilt and wither on us.

Ciao from Cortina: Ideally Italy

My husband Ryan, originally from Steamboat Springs, is a professional hockey player who, in 2011, accepted an offer to play for Cortina d’Ampezzo, a team in the top Italian league. We’ve been here ever since, shuttling back to Steamboat for the summers and then waiting on the Internet every September.

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Jimmy Westlake: With a name like Uranus

I am writing today to inform you that now is the prime time to see Uranus up in the sky. Uranus, with its dingy rings and its entourage of 27 moons, will be closest to the Earth for this year on the night of Oct. 7, an event called opposition.

Monday Medical: Take health literacy into your own hands

It is estimated that more than one-third of adults have basic or below basic health literacy. So what exactly is health literacy? It goes beyond just being up-to-date on the latest health information.