Focus on Fitness: Feel for the water

Feel for the water is the third pillar of swimming, and it is the most elusive and difficult to grasp. When mastered, it allows you to transfer the power generated from your major muscle groups to the water with your palms, forearm and feet.

Monday Medical: A healthier hospital

With real food smoothies, fruit-infused water and homemade entrees, Yampa Valley Medical Center’s Nutrition Services strives to offer food that’s both flavorful and healthy.

Thoughtful Parenting: How giving back sows seeds of positivity in young adults

For many people who enjoy a lifestyle of giving — that is, giving of time or money for the well-being of others without the expectation of pay or other benefit — some satisfaction or delight in giving was likely perceived as a child.

Our View: Responding well to kerfuffle

We commend Steamboat Springs city officials for acknowledging, and more significantly, correcting a mistake they made last year when they cut back transit service in a way that made it impractical for residents of Steamboat Springs’ west side to take the free-to-rider bus to work and skiing.

John F. Russell: Love of the game

I'm not sure if there are softball fields in heaven, but I can say for sure that is where you will find the game's biggest fan.

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Book Review: 'Secret Six' for those fascinated with the Revolutionary War

That we won the Revolutionary War is a matter that will forever, I suppose, intrigue historians, war strategists and American citizens. By all rights, the British should have made short work of us. Why they didn’t is the subject of Kilmeade and Yaeger’s "George Washington’s Secret Six."

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Tales from the Tread: The Summers of Sidney

In 1889, Austrian immigrant John Summer moved his large family from Empire, Colorado, to homestead in the small town of Sidney, 8 miles south of Steamboat Springs. At that time, the town of Sidney consisted of a saloon, a post office and a few cabins.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Paddington’ a tale with lots of warm fuzzies

Winnie the Pooh had his honey, but the star of “Paddington” is addicted to a different substance in his cinematic escapades. Even so, the bear of very little brains isn’t the only one who can give us a sweet story.

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Former Oak Creek Mayor Vi Shaffer persists in recovering medal awarded to her brother who went down with his ship

As much as the story of Oak Creek's Vi Shaffer is one of a young sailor who gave his life for his country, it’s a story of a plucky elderly woman who was unrelenting in her efforts to recover tangible evidence that her brother was honored as a hero.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Recent land purchase will positively impact Yampa Watershed health

The U.S. Forest Service has the privilege of managing public lands for multi-use, and a key indicator as to the overall condition of those lands is the health of the watersheds on National Forest. Watershed health has many public benefits, including importance for drinking water, agriculture and recreation, to name a few.

Crime Tip of the Week: Credit card fraud protection tips

Here are some tips on how to prevent credit and debit card fraud.

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Jimmy Westlake: Explore the Pleiades and Comet Lovejoy this week

High overhead as darkness falls on cold January evenings is a tiny cluster of stars that is often mistaken for the Little Dipper. Although it does have a dipper shape, with a tiny little bowl and a tiny little handle, its real name is the Pleiades star cluster.

Monday Medical: Understanding TMJ dysfunction

Have you ever bitten into an apple or bagel and felt a “popping” in your jaw? Do you often end your workday with a dull ache at your temples or cheeks? Has your jaw ever “locked” or felt off center? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you may be suffering from a condition commonly referred to as temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: VNA expands volunteer program

Each volunteer has a unique set of skills and interests that can benefit others in a multitude of ways. To date, VNA volunteers have primarily provided assistance with fundraising, client support and other aspects of Hospice.

Thoughtful Parenting: Stop teen boredom

According to a study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, 52 percent of teens are at risk for substance abuse if they have any one of three risk factors: stress, frequent boredom or too much spending money.