Heather Sloop: Develop transparency to build trust

Steamboat Springs City Council, District 3

Erin Walker: Time for independent, fresh perspective

Steamboat Springs City Council, District 3

Celestial News: Catch the Southern Fish this month

Shining brightly in the southern sky as darkness falls is one of autumn’s few bright stars, a blue gem named Fomalhaut (pronounced FOAM-a-low).

Kate Nowak: $20K Day 2015 best yet

On behalf of the Routt County United Way staff and the board of directors, I would like to thank our community for making our September 2015 $20K Day our best ever.

Doug Tumminello: Support lent to 3A/3B

I’m writing in support of 3A and 3B. We moved to Steamboat in large part because of the community’s dedication to education, and the proposed plan is reflective of that dedication.

Ron Roundtree: Wary of bond issue

I am wary of the proposed $92 million “fix” for our local schools for a number of reasons.

Adam Maines: Reader encourages vote

Move the high school? Wait a minute; I purchased my house with a vision of my kids biking to school. As a five-year resident of Steamboat and a parent of children entering the school system, I was happy to hear about this investment in the community but was not initially in favor of the plan.

Monday Medical: Do you trust your gut?

If you’ve suffered from fatigue, achy joints, skin issues or migraines, there’s one area in your body you might want to look — and it may not be what you expect. Your gut.

Tease photo

Strings Music Festival: When the curtain closes

When I tell people I work at Strings Music festival, the typical response is, “So, where do you work in the off season?” I’m going to let you in on a little secret of what goes on when the curtain closes in August here at Strings.

Thoughtful Parenting: Help prevent child abuse and neglect

Adults in our community share a responsibility to protect against and report child abuse and neglect. While the number of substantiated victims of child abuse and neglect in Routt County dropped from 49 in 2013 to 36 in 2014, we need to work together to continue to decrease this number.

Focus on Fitness: Great home workout for Mud Season

As the leaves change and temperatures drop, it's often a struggle to make that trip to the gym. The goods news is, anyone can get a great workout at home.

Book review: "City on Fire," by Garth Risk Hallberg

Hallberg's debut novel is as long on weight and breadth as it is on pages.

Dog's Eye View: Mistaken identity — my dog will only do what I say if I have food in my hand

Often, new novice trainers are drawn into the notion that their dog will only do what they ask if they have food in their hand. But it’s not the food; it’s the timing and presentation of the reinforcement.

John F. Russell: Referees need to keep the game alive

Finding adults willing to referee children's games is a growing problem and it would seem that it's impact is being felt even in places as sports-crazy as Steamboat Springs.

Community Ag Alliance: How to become a "Yampavore"

The buzzword around the valley recently has been Yampavore.