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The Bock’s Office: ‘Kingsman’ is entertaining, but no crowning achievement

When someone tells you “manners maketh the man,” they’re probably inclined to lecture you about etiquette. When the hero of “Kingsman: The Secret Service” tells you that, he’s about to smash a glass in your face and beat you and your entire group of friends within an inch of your lives.

Dog's Eye View: Life is good — update on Max

We love this little guy. He is a permanent part of our lives, and we are cruising along with minimal difficulties. I’ll share what I mean by minimal.

Jim Clark: USA Pro Challenge shines the international spotlight on Steamboat

This is the biggest opportunity we’ve had for both visitation and exposure in the race’s five-year history. More than 4 million viewers tune into TV race coverage in the U.S. and twice that number worldwide in 175 countries.

Eugene Buchanan: Pucksters over powder

The weekend capped a winter of home games and throw-up-filled road trips, culminating with a berth in the finals, held serendipitously every year on the last weekend of Blues Break.

Community Ag Alliance: Naked and hungry without agriculture

March is fast approaching and bringing with it a full schedule of events promoting local agriculture, celebrating agriculture, and expressing the importance of agriculture through art.

Ciao from Cortina: Time to travel

Unfortunately, my husband’s hockey team managed to lose the first round of playoffs last week. For awhile, we sat around feeling really sorry for ourselves, but then we realized that we’ve never been in Italy for two months with absolutely nothing to do.

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Jimmy Westlake: Leo ushers in spring

The arrival of Leo into our early evening sky is a sure sign that springtime is not far behind.

Monday Medical: measles is very contagious and preventable

Considered the most contagious virus today, measles can live on a surface or in the air for up to two hours. That fact highlights the importance of being vaccinated for the virus

Book review: An astounding first novel

Christopher Scotton has written us an astounding first novel. I had trouble reading the last pages through my tears.

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The Bock’s Office: Oscar nominees going for the gold

Earlier this month, the Super Bowl finished off the pro football season to the consternation of sports junkies, and this weekend comes the equivalent of the Big Game for cinephiles. The 87th Academy Awards will include just as many gripes and pleasant surprises alike as the best in film for 2014 are honored.

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Author flies plane with one hand and shoots photos with the other to document Colorado River Basin

Improbably, Garrett Fisher uses the stick and rudder to manipulate his Piper Cub airplane to frame his shots of mountain rivers while he’s looking through the viewfinder of his camera.

Community Ag Alliance: Routt County CattleWomen plan for a busy 2015

The Routt County CattleWoman organization promotes the importance of the agricultural industry in our everyday lives while maintaining our western heritage. We support the beef industry through education, outreach and marketing.

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Tales from the Tread: Semotan legacy lives

What my grandmother, Evelyn Ellis Peavy Semotan, did was put on her hat and boots and go to work. She wanted to ranch and had wanted to since she bottle-fed her first bum lamb as a young girl.

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‘Tele Devo’ youths set sights on the Worlds

When the Telemark World Championships come to Steamboat the week of Feb. 23, it will be a chance to see the world’s best telemark racers right here in our own country, in our own town, on our local hills.

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Jimmy Westlake: Spot the zodiacal light this week

This “zodiacal light” is visible as a pyramid-shaped glow that extends upward from the sunrise and sunset points on the horizon.