Chuck McConnell: Represent us, Udall |

Chuck McConnell: Represent us, Udall

— I received a letter this week from Colorado U.S. Sen. Mark Udall in which he indicated to me that he joined his Senate colleagues and passed landmark health reform legislation (H.R. 3590). A few weeks ago, I sent him a letter asking him to vote against the legislation and vote with the majority of Coloradans who reject the federal takeover of health care.

In response to his Feb. 11 letter to me, I renewed my plea to him in the following letter to vote against the legislation the next time it comes before the Senate:

"Dear Senator Udall:

I received your February 11 letter and remain absolutely shocked that you continue to support the so-called 'health care reform legislation.' You were elected to represent the voters of Colorado, and you are not doing that with your support of that pernicious legislation. The majority of U.S. and Colorado voters do not want the massive changes in their health care system the bill represents.

Even in light of a record media bombardment by the president and his cohort, Colorado voters perceive the legislation to be a takeover of health care by the federal government (and we really do not trust the government with such an important task), to be an avenue for tax increases and decline in quality of care (particularly seniors such as myself given the massive cuts to Medicare in the bill) and to be inaccurately scored by the Congressional Budget Office (e.g., 10 years of tax and fee revenues vs. six years of benefits) not representing the true cost of the bill. We know that our already out of control budget deficit (now 84 percent of GDP) will balloon further. Can you see why there simply is no trust by a majority of voters?

It is mind-boggling that you and the other Democrats cannot see that if you backed off the goal of single-payer government control and you included a tough tort reform measure, cross state lines insurance company competition and a sincere effort to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare system you would likely get Republican support. You would actually achieve the goal of true health care reform and cost reduction.

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How can you vote against the will of the people you represent because Senator Harry Reid tells you to? You represent us, not Senator Reid. I urge you to listen closely to what Coloradans say about this important matter. I urge you to switch to the side of the voters in Colorado — the people you represent and vote against the bill."


Chuck McConnell

Steamboat Springs

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