Chuck Abbott: Quacks like a duck |

Chuck Abbott: Quacks like a duck

— Accolades to Ken Collins for his letter to the editor in the Jan. 31 Steamboat Today stating what must be on the minds of many Steamboat Springs residents: Why would anyone want to bring Ann Coulter, who can only spew vitriolic venom, to speak here? Surely the Steamboat Institute could have found a speaker of more substance that could enhance its conservative point of view.

Although Steven Hofman, in his rebuttal of Collins, is quick to point out that the Steamboat Institute is not the Republican Party, I would agree with Collins that when it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's a duck. So I can understand his mistake in confusing the Institute with the GOP.

At the next election, conservatives (Republicans) will be looking for all the independents they can muster. Ann Coulter will not help in attracting more to the fold.

Chuck Abbott

Steamboat Springs

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