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Chris Kipfer: Being patriotic

This old curmudgeon cannot let Bob Balazs’ un-American notions go unanswered.

I served five years in the U.S. Air Force. I flew into Vietnam as a military and civilian pilot. I received a Desert Shield-Desert Storm medal as a civilian flying CRAF missions into Saudi Arabia. My abhorrence of the current adventure in Iraq and my criticism of the new establishment of the far right and its misuse of our military is grounded in my love of this great country.

If Balazs wants only one narrow politicized view in the media, he should move to North Korea. The consolidation of our media under the control of a few giant corporations is moving us in that direction. We can be thankful that we still have editors with integrity and a love of country that gives them the heart to stand up to the plate and deliver the truth.

Criticism of the current administration’s planning and management of the Iraq war is the clearest demonstration of the real concern of real patriots.

Chris Kipfer

Steamboat Springs