Charlie Magnuson: Vote ‘no’ on 2C |

Charlie Magnuson: Vote ‘no’ on 2C

As owner of D and C Medical Marijuana Center in Steamboat Springs, I wanted to let everyone know why banning us is a bad idea. Here are some of the reasons why:

We support the police in enforcing the law. A ban would have little effect on people who choose not to obey the law. What it would do is increase access to illegal marijuana by helping the black market, the gangs in Denver and the Mexican drug cartel. If we are banned, I expect these gangsters will be in Routt County within one year with their narcotics, guns and money.

Some physicians want a ban because they feel that a doctor coming to town to write recommendations for patients is not legitimate. We agree that doctors who write improper prescriptions should be punished. We've had cancer patients, veterans and others with health problems who have seen an M.D. from out of town. There is no reason to ban us because patients see a licensed M.D. to help them, as allowed by the law.

We are 100 percent in agreement that we should do what is best for the kids in Steamboat. A ban would mean an increase in unregulated growing of marijuana in residential neighborhoods. This would mean an increase in black market sales and illegal access for children. Banning a legal business would send a bad message to all residents, children included.

Banning us would result in loss of legal tax revenue. This money would go to the black market instead.

Regulation of our industry has begun by Colorado Department of Revenue. We need to give these people time to enforce the law. Most patients do not want to grow their own medical marijuana or have a caregiver grow for them. They prefer coming to a legal medical marijuana center to make legal purchases.

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Banning our business because of people breaking the law makes no more sense than banning bars, liquor stores and pharmacies because of the abuse of alcohol and prescriptions drugs. We should ban tobacco first.

I have invited everyone from police, doctors, City Council members and concerned residents to come by and visit, to work together and to let me know if they have any criticism or complaints. Not one person has contacted me or tried to work with me.

Banning us would help the individuals and businesses that have caused problems. We are the good guys who obey the law.

While I know that the citizens who are in favor of a ban want to do what is best for the community, I now ask you to do the right thing and join me in keeping the gangsters out of Steamboat Springs. Vote for regulation. Vote "no" on Referendum 2C.

Charlie Magnuson

D and C Medical Marijuana LLC, Steamboat Springs

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