CD reviews for July 15 |

CD reviews for July 15

Autumn Phillips



Available at All That Jazz for $16.98

For fans of Modest Mouse — modern, but emotional — it’s time to meet Interpol.

For fans of Coldplay’s slow, sad piano and melodramatic backups, meet something better. And for fans of David Bowie, late ’70s New Wave or ’80s alternative, plan to take a trip back in time.

Longing male vocals. Stark guitar played one chord at a time. Heavily layered production. It sounds as much the leather pants and eyeliner of a few decades ago as it does any album released today.

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Like its predecessors in the ’80s — think Morrissey — this music is better for dancing by yourself at home than it is for dancing in public. As in, it’s not the kind of music you’re going to hear at any clubs. Unless, of course, it’s the kind of basement sloth type of dark-walled bar where people are happy to sit on beer-soaked couches and stare at the bad mural of the universe painted on the ceiling while they listen. Yes, that’s the perfect place for this music.

Rated: Which is to say that I like it.

Hot Apple Pie


Available at All That Jazz for $16.98

Oh no. My toes are tapping, and I’m dancing a little bit with my steering wheel. The person one car over just caught me, and I’m trying to explain. I mouth through the window, “It’s Hot Apple Pie.”

He mouths back, “You’re an idiot.”

The light changes, and I’m able to control myself for the next two blocks. There’s something about Routt County and driving a big truck that makes me like listening to country music really loud. It makes me feel like part of the club.

But for me to enjoy it, it can’t be the patronizing Top 40 rhinestone Nashville crap. It has to paint an image in my mind, and it has to have a two-step, spin-me rhythm.

No matter how hip you are, slide guitar is the soundtrack to a hot summer afternoon during hay season.

Rated: I just wanna fit in.

Le Tigre

“This Island”

Available at All That Jazz for $10.98

What if Gwen Stefani’s danceable girl anthems were about something more than her clothing line?

What if Stefani’s “Mr. Roboto” backbeat was set instead to something really smart and interesting? It would sound a lot like the music by Le Tigre.

On “This Island,” these girls are pissed. They sing or scream about gender issues and lesbianism. Unfortunately, the mainstream can’t give Le Tigre a good listen without first talking about band member J.D. Samson’s mustache (A recent New York Times article called obvious facial hair the ultimate female taboo) and gender ambiguity.

This album would be more radio palpable if she was waxed and wore a corset — Stefani style. But, thankfully, that’s not their style.

Rated: Enjoy this rockin’ return to your first college women’s studies class.

— Autumn Phillips

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