CD review for August 15, 2008 |

CD review for August 15, 2008

Margaret Hair

Brazilian Girls

“New York City”

Dipping easily into several languages on the vocals and several styles on the backings, New York quirky pop trio Brazilian Girls kicks off its third album with breezy, whistle-blown pop on “St. Petersburg.”

Despite the band’s creativity and comfort with a number of sounds ranging from club music, French lounge and bossa nova to plain old piano pop, Brazilian Girls do not especially transcend anything else going on in the “bands we’re excited about right now and probably won’t listen to again come September, unless of course they have another album out in September” category.

It probably is unfair to get annoyed at Sabina Sciubba’s insistence on singing in French intermittently throughout the album – especially when she does so with smartly written lyrics and street-cafe ease – but it feels kitschy in all the wrong ways.

These songs have undeniable swagger the first time around: “Berlin” sounds like Edith Piaf leading a New Orleans funeral march; and “Good Time” is just that, with its rock ‘n’ roll walking bass and gleeful synthesizers.

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Then there are the songs that simply do not work: “Strange Boy” is monotone and blindsidingly boring after a strong first three tracks. Brazilian Girls’ firm stance outside of consistency doesn’t stay novel for long.

Rating: ” – Margaret Hair, 4 Points

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