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Bulldog football summer camp based in Pueblo this year

Football has been a loved sport in the United States for a long time.

Moffat County is no different. Football is an important sport here.

The Bulldogs are gearing up for the football camp in Pueblo this summer.

The juniors of 2012 recently had to make a decision based on where the new camp would be located.

Their previous camps were held at the University of Wyoming football facilities.

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Junior Bubba Ivers and the rest of the junior players chose Colorado State University, Pueblo.

Ivers said, "We chose this location because CSU has more of a college level field."

CSU is a division II college.

Head coach Kip Hafey said, "They could have chosen from many other colleges or universities around the country but they wanted to stay in the state."

Before the camp officially starts, the team members have five days to work on their own strengths.

They head to the weightlifting room to work on their upper body.

They also do numerous conditioning drills.

During camp the team works on different plays that they will be using during a real game.

They also work on offensive and defensive positions.

In their spare time, the coaches work on defensive and offensive fundamentals.

"Every player has a shot to play," said Hafey.

At the end of the camp, the team will be playing against 11 other teams from around the state.

They will be scrimmaging.

The teams play a 20 minute, one quarter practice game in order to prepare positions and plays.

The players work on their weaknesses every time they go to camp.

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