Bruce Johnston: Walgreens location |

Bruce Johnston: Walgreens location

I recently drove by the first pour of the new Walgreens store, got that sick feeling in my stomach. Anybody else? Nothing against Walgreens: recently had dealings with them, in another town, as my parents filled a prescription. There were complications, but in spite of being extremely busy, the pharmacist did a wonderful job of solving the problem. And maybe it will turn out to be an architectural marvel that actually enhances the view of the Yampa River and Emerald Mountain?

But couldn't they have put it somewhere else?

Most of us moved here to get away from the strip malls and the frenzy of making and spending money. "We don't make much money, but we live a great lifestyle." When I first moved here, I asked a rancher in the City Market parking lot where I could go to find something. "Oh, over there at Walmart. If Walmart doesn't have it, you don't need it." I still smile when I remember that!

"The business of America is business." I thought it was living. And these days it doesn't take much money to do that! Forget the million-dollar condos: the best lodging here is still a sleeping bag up on the Continental Divide!

Bruce Johnston

Steamboat Springs

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