Brian Timmins Knowlton: Thanks for help |

Brian Timmins Knowlton: Thanks for help

Last weekend, I visited Steamboat to attend a wedding but on arrival from Denver we missed our flight out of Hayden by about five hours. We had been traveling for 10 hours and had to rent a car and drive to Steamboat. After 18 hours of traveling, we arrived in Steamboat dog tired.

We had a great time in your town but ended up with return tickets for four and a rental car that had to be returned to Denver. United Airlines told us that if we did not use the seats out of Hayden they would cancel the rest of our flights to Montreal, charge us another $1,100 per person and levy a fine. So, we needed to find someone we could trust to take the rental car back to Denver.

We hired a young taxi driver by the name of David Irizarry, who lives at Innsbruck Court in Steamboat. David is capable and trustworthy, and I would like to publicly thank him for taking the car back to the Denver airport.

Brian Timmins Knowlton

Quebec, Canada

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