Brian Kotowski: No thought police |

Brian Kotowski: No thought police

— No thought police

Regarding the June 28 Steamboat Today article "Bias-motivated charge sought": The gist is that a white perpetrator (who had allegedly been drinking) attacked a Hispanic man, and accompanied the assault with a fusillade of racial epithets.

I find myself bemused at the notion of "bias-motivated crime." It would have been less egregious if he had punched a white guy? How about if he calls a Caucasian "poor white trash" prior to assaulting him?

Hit someone, go to jail. The law should be unconcerned whether the punch was fueled by racism, larceny or because the perp is a stupid drunk. Behaviors are crimes; thoughts and feelings aren't. We don't need thought police. We just need police.

Brian Kotowski

Steamboat Springs

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