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Brent Boyer: Amazing Steamboat

Brent Boyer

Brent Boyer

— I met David Taylor recently in his basement apartment on Cherry Drive. I've actually known David for many years — he was a Steamboat Pilot & Today employee when I first started here — but our early June meeting was the first time I really got to know David Taylor.

And I was fascinated.

At some point in the middle of our informal interview, it struck me that Taylor embodies something remarkably commonplace in Steamboat Springs — amazing individuals accomplishing amazing things. Taylor was, without a doubt, an accomplished graphic designer at the Pilot & Today and Steamboat Design Associates. Every year at the Colorado Press Association's annual awards banquet, Taylor would end up with a haul of design awards unmatched by anyone else in the room.

But his true passion was fabrics, and at the urging of a friend, he took on his first quilt project in 1999. Less than seven years later, Taylor won the Fairfield Master Award for Contemporary Quilting from the International Quilt Association. He's now a full-time quilting teacher and lecturer, recruited by groups across the globe to come speak at their workshops and meetings.

Taylor couldn't be happier. And why should he be? He lives in Steamboat Springs and gets paid to do what he loves.

Steamboat Springs and Routt County are full of stories like Taylor's. Indeed, it's what makes our annual Locals section such a hit with readers. This year, we've moved Locals from a standalone publication and made it the centerpiece of our summer issue of At Home magazine. It's one feature of this edition that I know you'll love.

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Speaking of locals, 40-year Steamboat resident Don Tudor has spent a career taking stunning photographs of Western landscapes and wildlife. Through all his travels, few subjects have captivated him more than northern Colorado's growing moose population.

After writing a piece about Alaska's grizzly bears for the last edition of At Home, Tudor's words and photos return in this issue with a feature-length article about everyone's favorite member of the deer family.

The local moose population has become so prevalent in and around Steamboat Springs that hardly a week goes by without several readers submitting their own moose photos to the Pilot & Today. Having spent several weekends camping in Colorado State Forest State Park near Gould, I'm one of many locals guilty of moose fascination. Gould and North Park are considered the "Moose watching capital" of Colorado, and for good reason. As Tudor explains, it was there that the Colorado Division of Wildlife began its moose reintroduction program in the late 1970s.

Last year, the DOW relocated moose to the Flat Tops, meaning chances are good that we'll continue to experience the majesty of moose sightings here in Routt County for decades to come.

Heck, they might be around long enough to be featured in an upcoming edition of Locals.

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