Brandi Beauvais: Shopping local |

Brandi Beauvais: Shopping local

Brandi Beauvais

Steamboat Springs has two thriving, local, natural grocery stores downtown: Healthy Solutions, at 335 Lincoln Ave., and Bamboo Market, at 1110 Yampa St. Healthy Solutions is closing its doors Sunday, and not by choice.

It seems to me that the city of Steamboat Springs sold out Healthy Solutions, a locally owned and operated business of 20 years, by approving a non-local natural grocery store to occupy the same Third Street and Lincoln Avenue location. Apparently, what I consider "shopping local" and what the city encourages as "shopping local" are two different things.

I think small local businesses are what make this town charming and personable to locals and guests alike. How many more locally owned businesses are going to be allowed to just fall through the cracks?

Brandi Beauvais

Steamboat Springs

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