Bobbi Hodge: Good decision |

Bobbi Hodge: Good decision

City Manager Paul Hughes made the decision to retire Nov. 3, just after Election Day. He said, “It just seemed like a good time, especially with a new council getting seated, to be moving on to something else.” On Tuesday night, a strong majority of the council agreed with only three members in the audience, myself included.

Hughes serves at the pleasure of the City Council, and though he would have been willing to stay until a replacement was found, the members decided against it. They were elected by the people to set a new course for Steamboat Springs, and the sooner they are able to do this, the better off we all will be.

The new council deserves to have an interim city manager of its choice; one that will allow it to do its work without “influences from an exiting employee,” as Susan Dellinger perfectly stated.
I know from past experience that when an employee quits or is fired, he or she leaves immediately so that the business or organization can avoid distractions or disruptions and return to important tasks as soon as possible.

Let me remind Loui Antonucci and Paul Strong that Hughes will receive a generous retirement package. He is not being put out on the street two weeks before Christmas.

As far as I am concerned, asking Hughes to leave now presents a better situation for everyone, and the timing is ideal. It seems logical to me to start the new year with a clean state.

Bobbi Hodge

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