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Bob Enever: Rethink decision

Bob Enever

We, the "silent majority," voted for Sheriff Garrett Wiggins because he seemed like an honest cop. But I fear he now has been overly influenced by single-issue gun owners. They are entitled to their point of view, they are entitled to vote for their choice of legislators, but when the laws are written, they must obey them like the rest of us. The silent majority will not re-elect a sheriff who thinks he is above the law and thinks he can choose which laws he will enforce.

So, if Sheriff Wiggins didn't like someone, he wouldn't choose to find their murderer? If we citizens chose to obey only those laws we agree with, our nation soon would be in a state of anarchy. A minor example: income taxes. 

As a citizen, Sheriff Wiggins got to vote for his choice of elected representative to write the laws. As a state officer of the law, elected by local people, Sheriff Wiggins gets to enforce all those laws, including the ones he doesn't like. I hope he rethinks his position.

Bob Enever

Steamboat Springs

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