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Tamera Manzanares

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Board mulls sidewalk ordinance

The Hayden Town Board on Thursday will consider approving an ordinance restricting bicycles, skateboards and other vehicles on downtown sidewalks.

The board tabled its decision in May to rewrite the ordinance specifically targeting vehicles on sidewalks along Jefferson Avenue between Spruce and Poplar streets and on Walnut Street south of Jefferson Avenue.

The town originally wanted to prevent toy motorcycles or “pocket bikes” from the sidewalks because the state traffic code makes it illegal to ride the vehicles on public roads.

The board decided also to address bicycles, skateboards, inline skates and other transport on sidewalks downtown because of several close calls with pedestrians.

With no setbacks, business doors open directly onto the sidewalk potentially putting a pedestrian in the path of riders.

A group of skateboarders and their parents argued the downtown sidewalks were among the best places in Hayden to improve their skills. Board members noted that skateboards will be allowed on other sidewalks in town.

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Also Thursday, the Town Board will consider approving the Valley View Business Park slated for the northwest corner of Routt County Road 37 and Crandall Avenue.

The Hayden Planning Com-mission last week recommended the board approve the project, which will have 52 light industrial lots intended for contractors, mini storage, automotive shops, small offices and other businesses. The park will have one entrance on Crandall Avenue and another entrance on C.R. 37.

Developers Jon Peddie and Paul Franklin addressed most of the Planning Commission’s concerns. The main outstanding issues include a proposed off-site sewer easement on land owned by Peabody Energy and improvements C.R. 37.

Peddie and Franklin have agreed to upgrade a section of the road or contribute to a possible realignment of the road being discussed between the town, Routt County and Peabody Energy.

If approved, Peddie and Franklin plan to break ground on the project within the next month.

The board will meet at 7:30 p.m. at Hayden Town Hall.

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