Bill Doyne: Well done, Hayden |

Bill Doyne: Well done, Hayden

Bill Doyne

Hayden may not always get it right, but last week's display of the "Little Engine that Could" erased all the previous missteps.

For those of you who may not be aware, the HiWay Bar was, at the very least, a "public house" in the colonial sense of the term, and at best, West Routt's version of Facebook. Now, from time to time, you may not have liked some of the unshaven faces, but the bar served (and will serve again) as the area's meeting place, watering hole, conference room and gossip parlor.

As residents of Colorado's rural areas hold their collective breath for the federal grant money that is supposed to bring their Internet speed up from the noisy 28,800 bps AOL connectivity to high-speed status, places like the HiWay Bar are invaluable. As a former restaurant owner in West Routt, I am aware of the troubles that accompany all the fame, glory and boatloads of cash (pun intended) an owner rakes in daily. The high-speed connectivity in rural areas is crucial to the economy. How else is a young boy supposed to learn the way to treat his newborn sheep? What about the new training techniques one needs to enter the speed goat-roping event at the 2050 Olympics?

All kidding aside, Fawna Odom and the rest of the area's residents saw a serious problem that needed to be fixed, and in true West Routt fashion, they pitched in with nickels, dimes and neighborly resolve and will bring the HiWay back to its rightful place in the town's diverse synergy.

Well done, everyone, well done.

Bill Doyne

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