Bethany Aurin: Thank you, Steamboat |

Bethany Aurin: Thank you, Steamboat

— I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone who makes the July 4th weekend such a great experience for our families — local and visitors alike. Although many individuals and businesses contribute substantial time and money, most of whom we read and hear about in "thank you" ads, etc., there is one guy who year after year volunteers countless hours at dozens of venues and so far I have never read or heard his name in any "thank you." So, I'd just like to take a quick moment and publicly thank Brian Harvey for all he does for all of us all year, but especially on the Fourth of July.

We awoke to him doing his radio show, encouraging us all to attend the parade, the ski jumping, the fireworks, etc., and throughout his broadcast slipping in numerous accolades for our community offerings. Then, my family loaded horses and our camel to participate in the parade, and while riding down Lincoln Avenue amidst the largest crowd we have ever seen, there is Brian Harvey announcing in front of Straightline Sports. His humorous and insightful commentary was not only very entertaining for all, but for every group, we could hear Brian mentioning what all they do for our little ski town.

We caught only the tail end of the ski jumping, but again, there was Brian Harvey. When we went downtown to watch the Bordens' incredible fireworks show, it was while listening to Brian on the radio, with a terrific montage of music and speech excerpts that I'm sure Deb Duncan assisted with. One day in the life of one resident.

Like many of us, Brian missed his quality family time to help entertain all the "Steamboaters" that day. I know there are lots of you out there who contributed to making this latest holiday the greatest it could be for every family here. For many, it's part of our "real job," but one piece of what makes our community so special is all of the extra that most put into that job. Whether it's at high school sports, community sports and events, theater, fundraising, or just at the grocery store, thank you to Brian Harvey for all he has done and continues to do as an amazing ambassador for our town.

Bethany Aurin

Steamboat Springs

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