Best of the Web: Teens return found cash; Steamboat 700 vote |

Best of the Web: Teens return found cash; Steamboat 700 vote

Teens return found cash

It was the right thing to do and they did it! Congratulations to them and thank you! Steamboat raises some good people!

— Routtcoguy

Steamboat 700 vote

■ I know many good men and women on both sides of this issue who truly love this community. This was never a battle of good vs. evil. We simply differ on the best way to maintain the community character of this place we call home.

To all of you who took the time to participate and contribute along the way, thank you. The vote is done, and thank goodness it is behind us. I for one am relieved that the wedge which has been driving us apart has been removed.

Now I truly hope that we can take the opportunity to regroup as a community. We have a wonderful celebration coming up April 2 to honor our Olympians. We should honor the incredible achievements of our athletes on the largest stage in the world, and we should honor the community spirit which nourished them and gave them strength along the way.

Steamboat is a special place. It was Eden when I woke up this morning, and it still will be tomorrow. And for what it's worth, in my opinion, that would have been true no matter what the outcome had been tonight.

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— jonquinn

■ Well said, Jon. Let's party! It's time to welcome back the Olympians and celebrate their tangible success.

— zacman

■ One must respect the will of the people when in a democratic environment their voice is summoned and roars with clarity. Of course, on the other hand, a bad idea held by a majority does not become a good idea.

Today we sit with the Steamboat 700 annexation issue resolved for likely a considerable time or more likely forever. Resolution is a good thing as it allows everybody to get back to reality.

One of those realities is that we are not one inch closer to solving the issue of affordable housing in Steamboat Springs. Not one inch closer.

A year from today — regardless of what your view on affordable housing might be — will we be any closer?


Falling boulder

I hate to disagree, but anyone who drives Highway 40 west of Steamboat can tell you that there are rocks falling much more frequently than stated above. I drive between town and my home at least twice daily. There are rocks on the road at least once every couple of weeks. Not large ones, but a big reminder that things do tumble down the hill. I have been driving and have had to slow down as rocks were sliding. Mostly between town and the campgrounds. Just look next time you drive that way at the side of the road.

— bandmama

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